View Notes – Pasar Oligopoli from ACCOUNTING at Universitas Negeri Jakarta. [Materi 6] Prev; Next. 88 pages Abstrak Makalah SNA 10 . View OLIGOPOLI from ACCOUNTING at Airlangga University. BAB 9 OLIGOPOLI DAN ARSITEKTUR PERUSAHAAN Arti: Suatu bentuk organisasi pasar. Hasil analisis makalah ini menunjukkan bahwa Bertrand’s model memberikan monopoli. Dalam pasar oligopoli manajer tidak cukup hanya memperhatikan.

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Log In Sign Up. And the outcome of the meeting will produce an agreement between the seller and the buyer of the price level and the number of items in the transaction. If an agreement between the seller and the buyer then there was a provision of an item in the transaction. The market structure has a notion that some form of management of the producer to the market based on their characteristics, for example, such as the maialah of product produced, the number of companies in an industry.

Easy or not exit or enter the industry and the role of advertising in industry activity. Perfect competition is a market structure that is most ideal for systems market is considered to ensure their activities to produce goods or services is high. However, in practice it is not easy to realize a market that has a structure of perfect competition. Government or who have economic power lligopoli not have the right and authority to determine the fixed price of makalh commodity, unless the government has provided for the traders sufficient quantities to be sold using a price has been agreed.

Tabi’at fixed This we can see from how the attitude of the prophet Muhammad on the issue. When the Prophet was visited by a friend to ask for pricing fixed. So any process that brings together buyers and makalsh, it will form a price agreed between the buyer and the seller.

Knowledge of market structure and efficiency is important for economic actors and is required in both business planning and business 1 Komplek Bumi Panyileukan Blok B1 No 2, Bandung, Indonesia,yudistiateguh ymail. Microeconomics or Microeconomics is a branch of oligopoil that studies the behavior of consumers and firms as well as the determination of market prices and quantities of input oligipoli, goods and services traded.

Microeconomics examines how these decisions and behaviors affect the supply and demand of goods and services, which will determine the price, and how prices, in turn, determine the supply and demand of further goods and services. Individuals who perform optimum combinations of consumption or production, along with other individuals in the market, will form oligopolii balance on a macro scale, assuming that everything else remains the same ceteris paribus.

The issue of Micro Economics will not be separated from the market because of interrelatedness, one of the objectives of microeconomics is to analyze olibopoli market along with its mechanisms that form the relative price to products and services, and the allocation of sember is limited among many alternative users.

Market Structure It is a market that makalwh guidance on the aspects that have an effect on the market, including the number of sellers and buyers, barriers to entry and exit markets, product diversity, distribution systems and control. The type of merchandise sold, whether including homogeneous or heterogeneous goods.

Easy or not new companies enter the market. The ability of both parties to both the seller and the buyer in influencing the market. Information as well paar knowledge of sellers and buyers on the market faced. The perfect competition market, characterized by a huge number of sellers and buyers.

The monopoly market, characterized by the number, the seller of only one mono. Monopolistic market competition, characterized by a considerable number of sellers but each has the ability to influence the selling price. The oligopoly market, characterized by a very small number of sellers between Pure competition is a market where there are many sellers so olligopoli the actions of each seller can not affect the prevailing market price, either by changing the amount of the offer or the price of the product.


Characteristics of perfect competition market. Marketed there are many sellers and buyers. With so many sellers and buyers there is passr one party that can affect the market. Since both individual sellers and buyers are only a small percentage of the total buyers and sellers in oligipoli market.

Mzkalah on the market is a “price tracker” price follower. This means that the price is more determined by the interaction between the seller and the buyer as a whole. The goods traded must be the same or homogeny. A makapah or product is called homogeny if the product is identical. There is freedom to enter and exit the market no barrier to entry or exit In a perfectly competitive market there is no obstacle that can prevent a producer from entering or leaving the market.

The barriers that can prevent a producer from entering and leaving the market may be technical barriers as well as legal barriers. Pasag factors of production that have perfect mobility. In a perfectly competitive market, all factors of production are assumed to have freedom of movement from one place to another.

For example, in rival markets makalwh wage rate is lower so he can easily attract makzlah workforce to his company so that production costs for labor can be lowered. Both buyers and sellers have perfect information about the market.

Every buyer and seller has perfect information about market conditions. Such information includes the price, quality, and quantity of a good. With complete information, the market competition becomes a truly perfect competition.

For example information about cheap raw materials, found a new production techniques then other companies will also soon oligoploi out. In the case of imperfect competition market Imperfect Competition Market we try to observe the following illustration.

In a market there is an oil company that has a lot of manpower. It affects the price of oil in the market. The illustration illustrates one form of imperfect competition market.

Kegagalan pasar

Thus, imperfect competition markets will form if one of the requirements of a perfectly competitive market is not met. Monopolistic Competition Mkaalah Monopolistic Competition Market Monopolistic Compotition can be defined as a competing monopoly market. This is because the products sold in makalaj market are not homogeny, but each has substitution power with each other.

Monopolistic competition is common in service sectors and small businesses. Monopoly Market Monopoly based on Anti-Monopoly Law is the control over the production or marketing of goods or on the use of certain services by one business actor or a group of business actors.

Etika dipasar by Saputra Alamsyah on Prezi

Therefore, experts argue that a monopoly occurs when the entire industry output is produced and sold by one company only. As a sole seller then he has the power to set the price price maker. Oligopoly Market In the makakah market there are few sellers or producers of goods or services.

Because of their small number, the action of a oliggopoli lowering the price of the goods or services will affect the amount of sales from other producers because buyers easily move from product to other products.

The Oligopolian theory has a long history, the term oligopoly was first used by Sir Thomas Moore in his work inthe “Utopia” In the work it is said that the price should not be at the level of compotion when the company in the market more than one. While the theory of Oligopoli was first formalized by Augustin Cournot in through his work “Researches sur les Priciples methematiques de la theorie des richesses”.

Fifty years later, the theory was disputed by Bertrand.

Despite much criticism, Cournot’s theory is still regarded as a benchmark for other Oligopolist theories. One of them is because the economic conditions in the European region have not improved, thus triggering a decline in market share for products produced by various countries such as Indonesia. M UMKM need to have the courage in implementing the plan and make decisions that are supported by competency control and accurate data and information,” pungkas Sri Martono. And the outcome of the meeting will result in an agreement between the seller and the buyer about the price level and the amount of goods in the transaction.


If there is agreement between the seller and the buyer then there is a determination of an item in the transaction. Easy or not to get out or enter into industry and advertising role in industry activity.

The perfect competition market in Islam asserts that the market must stand on the principle of perfect competition. But that does not mean freedom is absolute, but the freedom must be in accordance with the rules of sharia.

The perfect competition market is a type of market with a large number of sellers and buyers and the products being sold are homogeneous or the same and indistinguishable. A price is formed because of market mechanisms and the effect of the results of one supply and demand so that the seller and buyer in the market can not affect the price and only serve as the price tracker.

However, in practice it is not easy to realize a market that has a perfectly competitive structure. Where between sellers and buyers, the amount is relative.

Sometimes there is a market that the number of sellers a little, there are even number of sellers only one. And it could be the opposite there are yng number of buyers a little even adapula the number of buyers only one. The monopoly market Ihtikar is part of the imperfect competition market model. The monopoly market is a form of market where the market has only one seller controlling the market. And a monopolist is a price maker, a monopolist can increase or decrease prices by determining the quantity of goods to be produced.

The more expensive the price of the goods, and vice versa.

In Makapah the existence of one seller in the market or no competition is not prohibited in Islam but he should not do Ikhtikar. My servants are a hoarder of goods. If he hears the bargain he is not happy and if the goods become makalh he is very happy. Generally the number of companies is more than two but less ollgopoli ten. In the oligopoly market every company positions itself as a tricky part with the game market, where the profits they get depend on the behavior of their competitors.

Jakarta,Rajawali Pers. The practice of oligopoly is usually done as one of the efforts to hold companies to enter the market, the oigopoli does oligopoly is one of the business to enjoy a profit by setting the selling price is limited, thus causing price competition among business actors oliogpoli practice oligopoly to be no. The oligopoly market structure is generally formed in industries with high capital, such as, cement industry, car industry, and paper industry.

Monopolistic competition market is one form of market where there are many producers that produce the same goods but have differences in some aspects. The seller in the monopolistic market is not limited, but every product malalah must have its own characteristics that distinguish paaar from other products.

In a monopolistic competition market, producers have the ability to influence prices even if their influence is not as big as the producers of the monopoly or oligopoly market. This ability comes from the nature of the goods produced. Because of the differences and characteristics of an item, consumers will not easily move to another brand, and still choose the brand even if the producers raise the price.

For example, the motorcycle market in Indonesia. Motorcycle products in Indonesia do tend to be homogeneous, but each has its own special characteristics.

Call it the Honda motorcycle, characteristic especially premises fuel efficient. While Yamaha has an advantage on a stable engine and rarely damaged. As a result each brand has a loyal customer. Therefore, companies that are in the monopolistic market must actively promote the product while maintaining the image of the company.