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There is an economic waste in the centralization of radio in one or two centers Example behind this reasoning, Futran said, has nostda found in this war when munition manufacturers found it much more efficient and economical to decentralize their activities and bring in sub -contractors, etc Fact that cultural growth of the Middle West has long added much to the over-all cultural structure of this country will be emphasized, with the follow-up thought that radio in general could be improved by drawing upon the resources of this section in s.x.100 future In addition to hearing about the embryonic structure of this new plan, RWG members at their meeting here also elected new council members These are: Franklin Barton, news writer; Richard Durham, free-lancer: Myron Golden, agency script editor; Rod Holffigren, commentator: Ruth Moore, The Bazters writer; David Peitz, free-lancer; Lou Scofield, free-lancer; Studs Terkel, news commentator and free-lancer, and Ruth WaIliser, writer of the Coronet Story Teller New Type of Research Needed By Qni F Lazarsfeld Director of Office of Radio Research, Columbia University There are three kinds of problems on which radio research men should work but for only two of them are funds likely to be available The radio Industry commissions research which can be useful on day-to-day operations Foundations sometimes are willing to give money for the study of the role of radio In the social life of this country But there exists a third kind of what one might call controversial problem for which funds are much more difficult to obtain What is the best program balance in a given community?

Do farmers get the kind of information from the radio which would be most helpful in Should time be for sale for their work?

Are there other business groups which should not be engaged in the broadcasting business also? Topics Neglected No one investigates these topics in a mafai way and, as a result, they become the object of heated onstra unenlightened disagreement Perhaps after the war industry and foundations might jointly raise enough funds to create a central and independent institute for radio research in critical topics In the meantime it is worth at least considering whether such research shouldn’t be partly the duty of the FCC During regular hearings research evidence is often introduced But the tense atmosphere surrounding such a hearing is not conducive to the objective collection and interpretation of data There are notable exceptions During the newspaper-radio hearing some joint research was done which helped to clarify the issue The present clear channel hearing might be another opportunity But it might be a better idea if the FCC had a continuous department on program structure or the reaction of listeners, Why do some people get so worried There certainly about this possibility?


In case we haven’t, here’s a z.a.100 just delivered to us by Crossley researchers: Of all an household -help programs currently broadcast in New York, the three with the lowest cost per -thousand – homes -reached are on WOR To take the most impressive example, sponsors of WOR’a ,afia, “Breakfast With Dorothy and Dick”, pay only ale for each thousand families hearing their message!

This, of course, goes right back to csoa showmanship, and its ability to attract a mass audience and get more listeners for less If you, too, are interested in doing more for less in Ne, York, we say hello promptly at PE Or write i t M64r of,a Muivel 1edtosti,! Who will nosrra tele rights to music will be only one of the many subjects discussed in the 7th Annual Edition of The Billboard Music Year Book, the greatest encyclopedia and reference work ever published for any industry All of rad, video and everyone music are waiting for their copy of the ’45 ATYB Ith a.

It Is repeatedly stressed that Siepmann has acquired his vast radio experience mostly thru the government service rather than business Might this not be a shortcoming of business rather than of Slepmann? In raising my voice against this type of discussion I certainly don’t want to fall into Richards’ mistake and express an opinion on a report about which I know nothing at all But I do know that the FCC needs to do a lot more research than It has done so far in a large number of fields And If It can get good men to live in Washington on per diem and do research on Important problems, I hope they will not be too easily stopped U S Reveals Details of Radar; Post -War Use Is Emphasized Continued from page 6 ment since the airplane, changed the face of warfare,” the committee adds, pointing out that one of the greatest weapons in any war is surprise, “and surprise is usually achieved by concealment in the last minutes or hours before an attack” The official explanation of how radar works is as follows: It sends out this energy in very intense bursts of small duration called pulses These pulses may be only a millionth of a second long After each pulse, the transmitter waits a relatively long time -a few thousandths of a second-before sending out the next pulse During the interval between pulses, the receiver is working and the signals it receives are the echoes of the powerful transmitted pulse from nearby objects Echo Return Measured “The nearest echoes will give echoes coming very soon after the transmitter pulse is finished: It’s hard to understand why anybody listens to Uncle Bill’s Corn Squee: Pure corn Uncle Bill gets secondhand records from a junk dealer who finds them in old attics Believe us, they could wake die dead much less Washingtonians To WTOP’s anguished music director, he replies with arch disdain: Nara bar ag Arai: Paula Kelly -The Modernsires, Columbia Ulf illy1 liliqpilipli I i lig!


I al,, S 74′ sig I,4 t r, Life With rather Mil 2, Empire, Moves to Bijou Theater September g Harold Clurman arrives from Hollywood on Tuesday tit for directing chore of “Beggars Are Coming to Town” Casting for support roles will start on Wednesday MI at Serbs of – of ducats Card states the curtain time and also states that late -comers will not be seated during the prolog Leighton points out that the extra pasteboard is essential In order to give the added Information It would seem, however, that this is no valid reason for not including the time on the Ux as well It is of course, conceivable that the customer might lose the card However, It is not The Billboard’s purpose to argue with the minority It does not agree with Manager Holde that the addition of the time element on a ticket would be confusing-at least not to customer who has gotten beyond the filth grade Nor does it subscribe to tubthumper Grenekeree notion that the public won’t pay any attention How does any one know until it is tried?

There are able assists by Madeleine Clive and Horace Cooper and a cutle-pie ingenue named Jean Lewis, but despite the combined efforts plus Paul Porter’s direction, the chow likely won’t light within 50 miles of the Stem Bob Fame, Copyrighted material. I-Cowboy Brahma bull riding first section: II-cowboy wild cow milking contest; cowboy trick and fancy riding: Rollins, South Carolina Will book for tn baton of the tolmoco reason: He seems to be a well-wishing sort of a fellow On our arrival In California he Bent the bosses a card that read: The Pacific tour is on again A carload of lithos and dates arrived last night Pat, come to our rescue Did you over edit Chinese, Siberian or Filipino newspapers?

Organizations, Landlords, Promoters –what have you, Write in strict confidence Satisfactory arrangements Can be made!

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Pawn tha WArt V Si” drama lar 7: Can piece one more Flat Ride Reasonable percentage Copyrighted anii.

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Carti robert monroe

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