P਱ਮਣ਴ਢਲ਼ Dਤਲਢ਱ਨਯਲ਼ਨਮਭ. CARCLAD™ MACROPOXY HS is an epoxy mastic designed for application to properly prepared steel surfaces. Sherwin-Williams – Macropoxy HS Epoxy. MACROPOXY HS HIGH SOLIDS EPOXY is a VOC compliant epoxy polyamide mastic designed for. Sat, 10 Nov GMT protective macropoxy hs paintdocs com pdf -. Revised January 16, Macropoxy® HS HigH. SolidS Epoxy Part a.

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The epoxy and the filler are mixed in about equal volume. It is further desirable that such an improved coating be macrpoxy in various colors. The texture aggregate filler 24 that is mixed with the epoxy paint 22 preferably consists of expanded perlite. It is therefore desirable to have an improved textured coating and method of applying same that is able to cover fiberglass, metal, masonry, high-density foam, painted wood and other materials used on the interior and exterior of buildings providing fine uniform coverage with a durable and hard finish having the look and feel of cut stone and able to withstand years of abuse.

When the applied coating texture becomes satisfactory, the distance to the surface and the speed of passing the spray gun over the surface is then maintained for the remainder of the painting job.

Required, but not published.

Early experimental testing was done using linear polyurethane paint as the medium to which the aggregate filler was added rather than high-solids polyamide epoxy being used as the medium, but the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler was found to be markedly inferior to the epoxy with aggregate filler, and use of the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler was discovered to require that another coat of linear polyurethane paint without aggregate filler be applied on top of the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler in order to achieve even a minimally acceptable hard surface.

The coating is applied to building surfaces using a macropixy paint spray gun. Groover, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Because of the weight and size of aggregate, the thickness of the medium holding the aggregate, and the manner of application hopper gun, trowel, or rollerknown prior art approaches for creating macripoxy applying textured coatings have not been able to uniformly distribute the prior art textured coatings onto fine-detail multi-profile building shapes, nor have the prior art coatings and application methods been able to achieve a fine uniform coverage having the look and feel of cut stone.

  LEY 523-09 PDF

Sherwin-Williams – Macropoxy HS Epoxy

macropkxy It shall be understood that the scale of the coating 20 and surface 21 is greatly exaggerated, for the sake of illustration, with respect to the spray gun 26 and supply vessel The mixture is then power blended very gently so that the aggregate filler is not significantly crushed; if desired, the mixture could instead be stirred with a paint stirring stick to ensure that the expanded perlite bubbles do not become broken.

Once the particle has been fractured, the lower weight advantage is lost.

Finally, if another color other than the color of the epoxy paint is required for the textured surface, a light coat of paint can be sprayed over the textured surface, taking care that the coat is light enough not to fill the texture, and that about 24 hours of curing time has passed to allow the base texture coating to partially cure.

Year of fee payment: Testing has shown that, because the textured coating of the present invention is applied using a spray gun rather than by use of a trowel, a roller, or a hopper gun, the application area can be closely controlled, without excessive masking of adjacent surfaces, simply by holding a shield over the adjacent areas that are to remain uncoated.

USA – Textured coating and method of applying same – Google Patents

There are several known lightweight fillers, namely, the group consisting of perlite, glass microballoons glass bubbles, phenolic microballoons, Q cel microspheres, and extendospheres. Barrier coat or universal primer when applying high performance coating over alkyds, to prevent lifting.

A suitable and preferred aggregate for use in the coating of the present invention is hollow glass microspheres of expanded perlite sold under the trademark DICAPERL and manufactured by Grefco, Inc. DICAPERL expanded perlite is commonly used in the fiberglass industry as a lightweight filler for extending resin and for lightweight putties.

Field of the Invention The present invention relates, in general, to coatings for fiberglass, metal, masonry, high-density foam, painted wood and other materials used macropoy the interior and exterior of buildings, and in particular, to textured coatings for use in such architectural applications. Examples of such well-known spray guns are the non-bleeder, siphon feed type spray gun sold by W. The preferred size for use with the coating of the present invention is DICAPERL HP, and experimental testing has shown that this size produces a pleasing textured finish that is easily sprayed using conventional spray guns.


System Three Resins, Inc. Self-priming coating for marginally prepared substrates. The coating as recited in claim 2, in which said epoxy paint has a first volume and said filler has a second volume about equal to said first volume.

Testing has shown that a variety of non-textured paints, including latex, enamels, acrylics, urethanes, and epoxy paints, can be used for this light top coat of paint while still preserving the textured finish.

If certain areas of the building surface e. Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings and a method and apparatus for the production thereof. Surface 21 may be, for example, fiberglass, metal, masonry, high-density foam, painted wood and other materials used on the interior and exterior of buildings. Dicaperl HP Dec. Still further, it is desirable to provide a textured surface coating that can be thinly applied using a spray gun so that fine surface details may be preserved.

Macropoxy HS Epoxy

Process and composition for insulation of surfaces, and product thereby obtained. The texture aggregate lightweight filler used in the coating of the present invention is selected to provide the fine texture required on the finished surface macdopoxy to be of sufficiently small size so as to pass through ,acropoxy spray nozzle of a spray gun, and also is chosen because of the lightweight nature of the filler, thereby enabling the textured epoxy mixture to be siphoned up into the spray gun head of a siphon spray gun as well as through the hoses and gun head of pressure spray paint guns.

While there are various types of lightweight fillers, they are all fragile and can be easily broken with high shear mixing.