This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided .. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Lexmark C C C C Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Lexmark C C Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Remove the screw D on the bottom of the cover.

Make this check anytime you are manial near the HVPS cable. Changing this setting resets the printer to factory defaults, and data may be lost. Have the network administrator check the Replace the controller Contact the network network drop for activity.

Alignment xx, 4xx Alignment Aligns each of the color planes to the black plane. This removal requires a magnetized, long-shank Phillips screwdriver at least 8 in. Page xx, manua, Pull the two latches until the imaging unit meets resistance. Page xx, 4xx Unlatch the front bottom corner c40n Eand lower the front while disengaging from the top cover. Some background problems can be caused by using rough paper or incorrectly setting the operator panel settings to rough texture when the texture is not rough.


Guide the fan connector through the hole.

Lexmark C540 Service Manual

Properly connect the cables, shield. Develop Page – Step 4a: Remove the cable from the retainer on the bottom of the printer.

Media Guidelines 16—28 pound grain long bond. The most important component in this process is this media itself. Remove the rear shield. On the rear, remove the metal screw Athe short plastic screw Band the longer plastic screw C.

See System Board request. Covers Page Page – Assembly 2: Print the Quick Test Page on letter or A4 paper.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. To run the Feed Test: Imaging Kit The following actions can be taken: To prevent damage to ESD-sensitive parts, use the following instructions in addition to all the usual precautions, such as turning off power before removing logic boards: Tools Required For Service xx, 4xx work very well in laser maunal, despite surface texture.

Remove the left cover. Close door Message clears when front cover, right cover, and toner door are closed or securely fastened.


Lexmark C540n Service Manual

Some slick or coated papers may also cause background problems. Because of the charge difference between the toner on the developer roll and the electrostatic image created by the laser, the toner manuaal cling to the PC.

Page 6 xx, 4xx 24x paper jam Develop Page – Step 4a: The cable may have come loose from the HVPS. This test may be printed from either the Configuration Menu or the Diagnostics Menu.


Check the tray adjustments for the size of paper used. Exit Diags This selection exits the Diagnostics Menu. Page xx, srrvice Unlatch the front bottom corner tab Eand lower the front while disengaging from the top cover. Page Page – Paper jams Page – Understanding jam numbers and locations Page – paper jams Page – Paper jam Page – paper jam Page – paper jam in the sheet drawer Page – Theory of operation Page – Step 1: Remove the left ,anual.