Coach Lason Perkins has built a reputation for being an expert on international offenses and styles of play. Here are two great videos from him. Find European Ball Screen Offense at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Euro Ball Screen Basketball Offense by [Angeli, Jamie, Perkins, Lason].

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This is a good simple offense to use. I have the DVD and it does a good job explaining the offense.

How is this offense different from that offense. I love this offense and I see how europaen would work great against a man to man defense. Does it work against a zone ? I like the concept and want to run a bunch of screens but we play against almost all zone teams.

European Ball Screen Offense

I have one player that is a great mid range shot and prrkins should be able to penetrate fairly easily against most defensive players but I really like ball screens and off ball screens as well.

I ran this offense last season and it is a very good and screeen offense to defend. I also made a little adjustment to it and went with a look with the bigs starting down on the Blocks. If the big’s defender is hedging to cover the wing using the dribble hand-off, the big keeps the dribble alive and slips to the basket.


European Ball Screen Offense by Lason Perkins | CoachTube

If the wing defender goes under the dribble hand-off, the wing has the option of flaring and taking the jumpshot – unlike the original set, the wing doesn’t have to pick up his dribble which keeps his options open if the wing defender closes out too hard.

Looking at the third screne when 1 passes to 4, instead of having 5 space out up high and 1 on the perkinns, have them do the opposite. After the next ball-screen and reversal, the 1 will be setting the screen for 3. I just taught this offense to my kids sscreen and they are in love with it.

They caught on in just an hour, so we spent the rest of the time running tht play through practice. I am wanting to get one of the DVDs, but am not sure which one to get. This is a great video. I myself have always been a motion guy but am very intrigued by this offensive system.

The great thing is that he shows you different entries into the offense. For example, if you like 2 guard front or like to run Horns, everything leads back to the continuity. Coach Perkins may have convinced me Watch us on YouTube.


Which category applies to you? If a scoring option is not there off of the initial ball screen, 1 reverses the ball to 4. As 4 receives the pass, 3 cuts to the basket and clears to the opposite corner. After 3 clears, 2 cuts to receive a pass from 4 on offenwe wing. If no scoring opportunities present themselves, 2 passes to 5. Next, 3 would cut to receive the pass. And the ball screen offense would continue. Reject Screen If the defense plays the top side of the screen and the baseline is open, 2 can reject the screen and drive baseline.

Slip Screen The slip is a great option gall the screener to use when the defense hedges hard and also to keep the defense guessing.

But rather than waiting for 2 to attack the screen, 4 immediately cuts to the basket. Leave a Comment Name. Check this box to receive an email notification when someone else comments on this page.