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Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 2: There, Shigeru adopts Takeo and begins to instruct him in the ways of a warrior. They possess some of the gifts of the greater clans, and a characteristic practicality which makes them superb assassins e.

Tales of the Otori Series by Lian Hearn

Shelve Grass for His Pillow, Episode 1: Grass for His Pillow by Lian Hearn. Unfortunately for the Tribe, the abilities they possess are being lost with new generations, possibly due to inbreeding depression.

Leyends Fujiwara’s Treasures by Lian Hearn. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. RowlingHardcover 7. Ootori lacking reliable references from December All articles lacking reliable references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Tales of the Otori is a series of historical fantasy novels by Gillian Rubinsteinwriting under the pen name Lian Hearn, set in a fictional world based on feudal Japan.

In a note by the author, she states that there is no conversion between Christian Era dates, and the years in the Novels: Tales of the Otori Series. Across ee Nightingale Floor, Episode 1: See details for additional description. Views Read Edit View history. No obstante, mientras huye, tiene un encuentro decisivo para su futuro.

El suelo del ruiseñor: Leyendas de los Otori I

Shigeru is forced to abdicate, and he patiently waits for an opportunity to avenge his father. Now against Takeo, she destroys the castle at Hagi, and seeks sanctuary with Arai and Leeynda.


Book 3 part 2. These conflicts drive his actions throughout the trilogy, placing him at odds with the Tribe, the Otori Lords, and the armies of Arai Daiichi. While they leyensa take on the guise of merchants or travelling actors and acrobats, some members of the Tribe live rather unassuming lives as traders and money lenders rather than as spies and assassins.

Shelve The Tales of the Otori Trilogy. The most ferocious family that is known for its power, harshness, and skilled assassins.

The following Chronology can be used for internal comparisons, but does not relate to any external dating system. Both Takeo and Kaede have visions of their future… More.

Liane Moriarty Literature, Modern Books.

Leyendas de los Otori I by Lian Hearn (2004, Paperback)

Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 1: Takeo’s father Kikuta Isamu was the greatest assassin in the Kikuta before he met Takeo’s mother and defected to The Hidden. After Muto Kenji dies, the loyalty of the Tribe clans to Takeo starts to wane. Leyejda enters into a treaty with Saga, whose army defeats Arai Zenko, and she will marry him as part of the bargain to ensure peace.

The itori follow a young warrior named Takeo in his struggles to avenge his adoptive father, escape the legacy of his biological father, and pursue the love of his life in the midst of an enormous power struggle involving dozens of clan lords and thousands of warriors. Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn. You may also like. Takeo is rescued leyenfa Otori Shigeru, a young Lord of the Otori Clan which has a long-standing rivalry with the Tohan, and led back to the Otori stronghold of Hagi.

The Tribe are a secret organisation leyensa nurture the powers that the world used to have. Little is known about the nature of the Tribe, and the organization is rarely employed with complete trust.


He was killed later by Kikuta Kotaro when he had refused to fight him because of the Hidden’s religion and the vow he made to never kill again after he married Takeo’s mother.

Skip to main content. They are frequently employed as spies and assassins by various institutions within the Three Countries. This prequel begins about 17 years before the start of the trilogy, and ends at Takeo and Shigeru’s meeting that begins Across the Nightingale Floor. Under the guise of a simple farmer, he secretly compiles records on the Otogi, assisted by Muto Shizuka, and conducts a covert relationship with Maruyama Naomi.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Hidden are persecuted throughout the Three Countries for their beliefs, and in the opening chapter Mino is destroyed by the warriors of Iida Sadamu, Lord of the Tohan Clan.

Many true Kikuta have a straight palm line across their hand and have great powers, such as invisibility, splitting orori a phantom body, acute hearing, and the ability to put someone in a deep sleep merely by staring at them the ‘Kikuta sleep’. The series of novels do not describe a yearly dating system.

Hisao was raised by Akio, and is a ghostmaster, able to communicate with the dead, including his dead mother. Determined to avenge Shigeru’s death and claim hi… More. A tale of an ancient tradition mined by spies and assassins, a society of strict codes with purity and innocence touched by love. Across The Nightingale Floor, Episode 2: