Kalanchoe delagoensis – Common names ‘Mother of Millions’ or ‘Chandelier Plant’. Tube like grey-green leaves with purple blotches. Tiny plantlets form on leaf. Kalanchoe delagoensis Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli “Mother of Thousands” This plant gets a lot of attention from visitors for its archetectural accents. K. delagoensis is an aggressive weed with a high invasive potential. It is present in pastures, grasslands, open woodlands and disturbed land.

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Kalanchoe delagoensis (Chandelier Plant) | World of Succulents

The Plant List, The flowers last about 5 weeks so it is well worthwhile trying to get some. The cool temperature along with the shorter days at the back of the Solarium where the light levels are relatively low stimulate the production of abundant flower buds. Charles Darwin Foundation, We are, of course, seeking photos of species not yet shown in the gallery but not only that, we are also looking for better pictures than those already present. Try to be as delagoenssis as possible.

Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas. African Entomology, 12 1: Archived from the original on This plant is almost indestructible, does not require any care Kqlanchoe to intense vegetative reproduction, this plant rarely blooms.


They have to be fairly large to bloom, and a large potful of them in bloom can be spectacular. The chromosome number in K. The “Mother of Thousands” Kalanchoe delagoensis Sym: Kindly consider support this website by giving a small donation.

Kalanchoe delagoensis (Chandelier Plant)

However the flowers are produced only by healthy plants grown on optimal conditions: Invasive plants in Cuba. All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Encyclopaedia of Succulents.

The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This succulent produces its offspring at the tips of its tubular leaves but every part of it will root and grow new plants.

Kalanchoe delagoensis

Description Top of page Succulent herbs, monocarpic, pale kkalanchoe mottled with violet-brown, glaucous. University of South Florida. Physiology and Phenology K. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.

But well grown larger specimens can flower profusely in winter, even with little or no water. Prevention The best form of invasive species control is prevention. Published date of profile: Prevention and Control Top of page Prevention The best form of invasive species control is prevention.


Systematique, Ecophysiologie et Phytochimie. Leaf width varies a lot, with plants in moist shade having wider, flat leaves and those in dry sand having the narrowest and most “tubular” leaves. Women’s Club of Havana Garden Section, Repot them in Autumn and left outside in a bright but cool and dry delagoesnis until first frost.

The toxicity to cattle and bufadienolide content of six Bryophyllum species. Warm temperate climate with dry delagoensiw Warm average temp.

Rainfall Regime Top of page Bimodal Uniform. Bryophyllum x houghtonii has small boat-shaped or folded leaves that have numerous marginal notches, while B.

This plant is almost indestructible, does not require any care Bryophyllum delagoense Flowers Scientific classification Kingdom: Watch the fleshy leaves for signs of water distress. Leaves simple, usually ternate, sub-cylindrical, up to 6 inches 15 cm long, up to 0. Report to the Republic of Palau: Earth Laughs in Flowers.