Using The Akai MPC With Ableton Live – Look Inside. View. Using The Akai MPC With Logic – Look Inside. View. Using The Akai MPC With Pro Tools – Look. JJOSXL: the Sampling Bible’ by MPC-Tutor is the first dedicated tutorial book for JJOSXL, with pages of step-by-step tutorials and practical. JJOSXL Sampling Bible – Look Inside.

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JJOSXL Sampling Bible: JJOSXL Tutorials For MPC/

Get more information from the product page: Anyone currently buying the book will also receive an exclusive JJOSXL discount code – bbible code can be used as follows: Byallank Wed Jan 30, 2: I’m wondering how much of this is still relevant to jjosxl? I know the patched phrase section won’t apply to jjosxl.

Byinflict3 Wed Jan 30, 2: And, no that is not a dude. Not sure about the current compatibility with xl, I spoke to Mike MPC Stuff about the possibility of creating a and XL version of the book, he’s interested, so I will definitely be looking jjlsxl it further.


Imma different, so don’t compare me to anotha Byallank Mon Feb 04, 5: I’m hedging my bets and getting bihle unit with xlcd as an upgrade from mp2kxl and getting both os2xl and xl at a minor discount from JJ. I can see features of both that I would like but won’t know hible is more important to me till I put them through the wringer. I’d be happy to buy the tutorial and see what doesn’t work on the xl OS A complete new “beatmaking” book on the xl would be awesome especially samplint you deep dive into a lot of the different sequencing features.

Byxibalba Fri Feb 08, 2: Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work in putting out knowledge for us MPC users.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate this a lot. ByDeadSoul Wed Jun 05, 9: ByBeat Freak Fri Jun 07, 9: ByCutterJ Fri Jun 14, 3: Just got done working through the Sampling Bible and found it to be very helpful.


This is the second one of your books I’ve gone through, and I appreciate how straightforward the information is and how well structured the exercises are. Thanks for all your contributions to the MPC universe!

Thanks for the positive feedback, I’m really happy the book is helping szmpling out. Byjakoby84 Thu Jun 27, Hey, I’m really appreciating your books beatmaking and sampling bible.

Do you think you will publish a new version of the book discussing the workflow of the new JJOS3? Of course I would emphasize not to do so before OS3 is in a stable state Options 13 posts Page 1 of 1.