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Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. further information on suspending speakers contact JBL and request Technical Trapezoidal enclosures (except SRX, SRX, SRX, SRX) for. The system features a JBL H UHF driver added to the incredible SRX two-way. The SRX in combination with the SRX sub-woofer is an.

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So the dual cab 18s are both dead? Originally posted by Audiopile What specifically are you unimpressed with? Its the same size as my Jbl Sr I had a chance to purchase a an excellent condition dual 18″ sub cabinet this weekend at Too many speakers say xyz watts, and, have a low xmax.

So, this 18 can handle watts with a 1. Are you running any sort of jbll

JBL Sr-x Series Srx Dual 18″ Subwoofers | eBay

Jens Droessler Some companies state that it would give best performance if you amp the subs by peak power. Applications Long-throw applications Arrays and clusters Front-of-house. Jlb a search on the old board Read times G. For applications that require extremely high output and thundering bass, use the SRX on top of the SRX subwoofer.

I would get rid of the crossover and try a new one.

They knock the socks off of any other club’s subs in town, other than the club that has a large Adamson rig I really thought when i got this system it would be more impressive. Elliot Thompson I agree. Yeah, one look at the cost of a recone or two and it makes the smaller amps look a whole lot better! Originally posted by Audiopile quote: Elliot Thompson Can’t ubl there. Originally Posted by Larry.


I have a driverack There should be a high pass filter programmed into the DR. I have six of these subs and im using 2 Yorkville s on 4 of the subs and a on the 2 that are left.

Morgan Sound, Inc. – JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofers – SOLD

Hey Terry, How does the like the bridged 4 ohm load? I got that feeling that since I had professional amps, I should do the speakers like a pro would he spent his youth designing theaters.

However, jgl all started when I told him I mbl scored a mess of J’s 16 ohm and J or H 8 ohmand AB Systems mono-troamps to drive them, and was waiting to understand what I could do with those to make a blended tri-amplified system.

Mike Lefty Deline Jr. An SR-X quick reference chart is available here. It also seems that you have to delay the woofer sopund by some small number of milliseconds to allow the bass a, mid and HF to hit you at the same time.

They will start to shake, rattle’n’hum some day if you don’t. Should I plan on reconing both as ‘s or as ‘s?

Just a quick note If someone asks me how to 44719 or apply materials, or build a gravure applied or 55 other methods web to web structure, I could give a 15 minutes overview; so I just expected someone who did sound engineering it for a living could too. Elliot Thompson Nowadays, I’ve been focusing less on the wattage, and, more on the xmax of the driver. Would that cause that? Please login or register. What is the best amp for JBL srx?

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If you’re not getting enough bass there could be a problem somewhere else. Guys I’m not a sound engineer, I do industrial chemistry on high speed coatings applied to aluminum. Its probably a good book to read, but from what I’ve seen so far, front loaded speakers suffer a dB loss at 30 ft or so, and in a home theatre, seldom will someone be 30 ft from the speakers. At home in the most demanding live sound and playback environments, the SRX delivers the performance usually associated with subwoofer equipped systems.

How much power are you feeding your tops What kind of shows your doing with six s? View the Media Kit. Is the system phase checked? Keep the LT as they are very good.

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Second, the drift mbl the conversation led me to understand that my front loaded LT system was probably not ideal, and that for a better system, I should consider using horn loaded speakers.

Ford Ford Audio Service http: Building ultimate JBL speakers. But don’t forget that leaving the air gap doesn’t mean that it can’t produce any more SPL. Better safe than sorry! What tests have you performed? Heres the weird thing,we were playing a person club,and had the sytem really shacking some pant legs,then i look over and i see the clip light on the big sub amp jb when the drummer hit the kick.