This week JBL sent me the HPL to audition and compare to the TAD , So i am setting up a high end rig with TAD B`s, `s. the HPL is a bare diaphragm on both sides. Attached Images I really don’t think JBL is spraying the aquaplas for their ego’s. The same. Used JBL HPL Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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JBL 2435HPL Driver 125-30001-00X

I know this is heresy coming from a horn advocate, but how about losing the horn and lens and using the large dome midrange from the XPL series? Originally Posted by Zilch.


Originally Posted by Earl K. Alex – It might be possiblethough I don’t have any of those drivers to check out that concept.

JBL HPL High Frequency Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm | eBay

Though maybe I hallucinated all that. The terminals are integral to the back cap, and plug onto the diaphragm.

Just puttin’ a big hole in the rear was mentioned earlier as an option. Don’t think I’d be doin’ that, tho. The best answer would be to get the deeper back caps Test Horn Thanks Zilch!

I think they were actually meant for the Klipsh “home-improvement” thread. Oh Well – BTW ; the recommended crossover point for this driver is around hz. What are you doing! You just let out all the Argon gas from that back can!

JBL Professional HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet | eBay

Now you have to take it to JBL so they can put the gas back in in their special clean room! Me being more a vintage gear man, it is interesting to see the newer stuff JBL has for compression drivers.


I bet it would be a dramatic improvement over the stock cone mid with lens setup. I am suggesting this not knowing the range that the dome works in or it’s sensitivity, but Rob could chime in I’ll figure something out, no doubt. Cool to see the innerds there Zilchster, thanks.

Originally Posted by Giskard. I refilled it with methane Mobile JBL almost ready By johnaec in forum General Audio Discussion. All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.