Ic uc datasheet filetype pdf. Danita Manual datasheets. I did have read datasheet and I do not see any flaws at least now. File Type: gif . I built one successfully but it was a low voltage one and also it was inefficient ( using IC) and just demonstrated to me how they work. U1 is a uc U3 is a Tl File Type: jpg . I’m sure you’ve already read these, but for reference, the PWM IC’s datasheet is here.

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I now follow everything you have told me, but I filefype could have derived such information on my own. I am aware of danger of any user interfaces on primary, but it’s not a pot but a trimmer.

Bay area My Country: So, – Can I just reconfigure TL and attach a variable resistor to it’s reference? The transformer is for 5v standby I pulled from an atx supply.

UC PWM Controller IC Pinout, Features, Equivalent & Datasheet

Dell FP And here it is! Other parts may need to change as well. From very very first flyback I remember this is not always needed And my MG has working frequency meter.

A swithcing regualtor is better for uc843 current I also had the heat problem with such linear regualtor. Would love to chat, but I need to go out and find another broken monitor. Most local supplier should have them in stock for few cents. Used ESR meter and found 2 caps suspect. Unfortunately I can’t give any further advise with the illegibly small schematic. Refer the datasheet at the end of the page to know more about this IC. I have to trace out the bottom side of the board to get more test points.


From the fileyype I see its less than 1 amp rated.

Ic Uc3843 Datasheet Filetype pdf

Keep high current loops small and use thick traces. I will have to keep him for a souvenir of this adventure. So 3A per color. When PCB was ready later I realized it was erroneus and fixed itand when everything was soldered, including new inductor, it did not work.

Will a remake work?

OR you datassheet even build your own regulator with a simple transistor, zener diode and a resistor. Although the IC performs a sophisticated job, using it in a circuit is fairly simple and can be done with minimum number if external components which make this IC to be a preferable choice among designers. Yish, i can’t recommend any if it exist anyways. Why not changing for a plastic case???

I’ve also added a bias resistor bypassing the optocoupler LED which is generally a good idea as the TL is like an opamp which gets its power through its output pin. Everything seems to work but my output is awful.

Originally Posted by docwisdom. The IC has an under voltage protection, so care should be taken to make sure that it has an operating voltage between 7V to 8. It’s not brilliant, it has poor load regulation, but its better than no regulation. Members who have read this thread: I am a filmmaker by trade and that is the ultimate purpose for these LED’s.


Remember also that the output voltage has a significant influence on the AC characteristics of the loop. I wouldn’t really think of making a “lab supply” from one. ON Semiconductor TL design guide.

So to measure ,5uH I need to find a stable high voltage capacitor from 0,5 to 1uF. So I decided to stop and build a supply to run the auxiliaries first.

I thought at first those resistors were reading shorted, but you said low ohms, so I didn’t remove them from the circuit to retest hoping that is OK. Is it still available??? And I don’t have enough experience to venture a guess about either. You are mixing up linear regulators and switching regulators I have used up to uf and no smoothing occurs.

I took the liberty of attaching a datasheet. Saw no evidence of bulging CapXon capacitors on power supply board or anything anywhere else which looked out of the ordinary.