The HP xw Workstation is just such a beast. With a quad-core processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, is a workstation really. x4 functionality), 2 PCI Express x16 slots (one exclusive for graphics). QuickSpecs. HP xw Workstation. Overview. DA – North America — Version Find great deals for HP xw PC Desktop – Customized. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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HP is the largest computer manufacturer in the world. They also supply businesses around the world with workstations, which are desktops intended to be used in high performance situations such as 3D rendering, heavy graphic design and more.

The HP xw Workstation is just such a beast. Read on for our full review. The xw workstation certainly makes a statement.

HP xw4600 Workstation Product Specifications

All of the case is solid metal save for the front, which is merely a plastic facade that sits on top of more metal. I suspect you could knock it off of a chair and still have a working computer. This heavy box can take a beating. Beneath the stickers the case is a shiny silver; if nothing else, the stickers prevent it from getting scratched up.

The front of the case has more of the stickers found everywhere else, cut around the more delicate features of the case design. Behind the grill rests a surprisingly good speaker. Moreover, the front grill provide a necessary point of entry for airflow within the case that is funneled around drives, RAM and processor, then expelled from the back.

The back of the case shows off the big fan vent and just how many options owners have for expansion.

More of the stickers can be found on each side of the computer. Despite covering up the visible indented logo, you can still find HP prominently displayed on the sides.

On the left-hand side of the case is possibly my favorite feature on the entire computer. The little lever in the door panel of the computer lets harried IT workers quickly pop off the entire side of the case with one quick hpp.


Alienware has a similar, more difficult-to-use mechanism located on the backs of their cases. Using a small lever like this is so much easier than using thumbscrews or more traditional forms of case fasteners.

Once the side of the case is popped off, you can see the roomy interior. Lots of room inside means lots of room for expansion. Cleverly placed heatsinks and venting fans help dw4600 improve overall case airflow. The better the airflow a case has, the fewer the fans are needed to keep it cool. Even with a workstation xxw4600 card inside, the wx4600 never puts out enough to be uncomfortable or, honestly, even that noticeable. The xw offers so much expandability, and in most ways possible.

The front of the machine has two USB 2. Our review unit also came with a fairly standard in-1 media card reader, which really helps if you need yp pull a lot of pictures off of a camera. On the back of the system there are seven more USB 2. Internally, there are three more USB 2.

Inside you can fit one more 5. PCMark05 overall system performance comparison results higher scores mean better performance. The HP xw Workstation is just that — a workstation. So what makes a workstation different from a regular computer? HP will say that it uses stronger components designed to help you achieve your goals in xw6400 fastest, most efficient way possible.

xw46600 Workstations are sort of to business desktops as consumer gaming machines are to regular desktops. To that end, I decided to add in a couple of benchmarks that are geared a little more toward the kind of activities the traditional workstation user might attempt. Examples of things that can be accelerated by using a graphics card instead of just a CPU are audio and video transcoding, bitmap and vector graphics drawing, 3D rendering and more.

While not free, Badaboom is on a multi-use trial basis, and it certainly does a good job in accelerating content.

That means it processed and converted the original clip at over 70 frames per seconds.

HP xw4600 Workstation Computer Review

As mentioned earlier, the graphics card can also be used to accelerate certain programs, xw600 as Photoshop CS4. Besides offering smoother scrolling and zoom functions, the Quadro cards can directly aid in processing and applying filters and another adjustments to Photoshop.


Xw400 many computers stutter and pause when applying filters, all of the Pixel Blender filters felt almost instaneous. You can actually move and draw many of them across the screen with little noticeable slowdown. I have to say that the HP xw surprised me when it came to the idea of how much noise it generated. I was expecting a workstation computer to have giant, noisy fans that try their best to keep everything cool.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised at the gentle hum they produced. The hard drive, however, is a different story. The power consumption of the xw is a bit of an odd duck.

When idling at the Windows Vista xw44600 without running any additional programs, the power rose to a good 82 watts. When maxing out both the graphics card and CPU, the machine finally went to around watts of power.

HP xw PC Desktop – Customized | eBay

The xw workstation is a great box for people looking to expand their business investment with some extra workstations or even the home user who wants a new box just to use with 3D rendering, for example. The machine is heavy, built like a tank and offers just ridiculous amounts of ports and expansion slots.

All is not peaches and cream in workstation land, however. The hard drive used in this desktop was so loud it was incredibly distracting — a hard drive, of all things! At the end of the day, however, the xw comes up as a xw46000 choice for anyone who needs a little extra firepower on their sides. Visit our network of sites: All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.