polipropileno isotáctico homopolímero (PPh) y un material comercializado como “copolímero de impacto” (PPc). Entre las propiedades evaluadas y ensayos. Copolímeros e Homopolímeros. Processos Industriais. Gustavo Amorim. Larissa Reinke. O que é;. 1. 2. 3. 4. Exemplos. Usos;. Como se produz. Copolímeros. Derivados de carbamida de n’-polihidroxi-n’-alquilo polimerizables procedimiento para su preparacion, su utilizacion y sus homopolimeros o copolimeros.

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A procatalyst for polymerization of olefins containing a trans-esterification product of a lower alcohol and a phthalic acid ester. Preparation of a magnesium halide support for olefin polymerization and a catalyst composition using the same.

A pressureless polymer pipe, a composition therefore, and a process for preparing it.

Use of a Ziegler-Natta procatalyst containing a trans-esterification product of a lower alcohol and a phthalic ester for the production of reactor grade thermoplastic polyolefins with improved paintability. Process for the production of polyolefins with broad molecular weight distribution. Process for the production of polypropylene random copolymers for injection moulding applications.

Automotive material with excellent flow, high stiffness, excellent ductility and low CLTE. cipolimeros


Heterophasic polypropylene with improved balance between stiffness and transparency. Blownfilm grade showing superior stiffness, transparency and processing behaviour.

Process for transforming polypropylene into a crystal modification of high transparency and articles resulting from said process. Masterbatch for improving stiffness and transparency of a random propylene copolymer.

A method for recovering transition metal tetrahalide and hydrocarbons from a waste stream. Heterophasic polyolefin composition having improved flowability and impact strength.

Polypropylene homopolymers with high heat deflection temperature, high stiffness and flowability.

Paramelt Specialty Chemicals (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Mezcla del reactor in situ de un polipropileno nucleado catalizado por Ziegler-Natta y un polipropileno catalizado por metaloceno. Heterophasic propylene copolymer comprising an external plastomeric olefin copolymer. Process for polymerizing olefin polymers in the presence of a catalyst system and a method of controlling the process.

High flow thermoplastic homopolimero with balanced mechanical performance and low shrinkage and clte. Highly isotactic PP resin with wide melting distribution having improved BOPP film properties and easy processing characteristics. Gas phase polymerization and reactor assembly comprising a fluidized bed reactor and an external moving bed reactor.

Multistage process for producing low-temperature resistant polypropylene compositions. High flow tpo composition with excellent balance in mechanical properties for automotive interior. Nucleated propylene-ethylene-butylene homopolimwros and moulded articles made thereof.

  ACI 224R PDF

Paramelt Specialty Chemicals (suzhou) Co. Ltd., Sutong Road, Suzhou I

Propylene-butylene copolymers with improved mechanical and optical properties and better processability as well as articles made thereof. Stiff propylene composition with good dimensional stability and excellent surface appearance. Use of a polymer composition for the production of articles with improved paintability and surface appearance. Verfahren zum herstellen von homo- und copolymerisaten des propylens mittels eines ziegler-natta-katalysatorsystems.

Foerfarande foer framstaellning av katalytkomponenter foer polymerisation av olefiner. Method for the modification of catalysts intended for the polymerization of olefins. Supported polyolefin catalyst for the co- polymerization of ethylene in gas phase.

Method for treating an olefin polymer to remove catalyst residue therefrom and shaped articles of the treated polymer.