Hommage-%C3% · date of death. 18 January 1 reference. Guy Durandin is the author of La Mentira En La Propaganda Politica Y En La Publicidad/ The Lie In Political Advertising And In The Publicity (Paidos Comu. Guy Durandin is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Guy Durandin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.

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Algunos de los manuales en los que se ilustran por fuera tienen esta pinta: Pero lo que mejor saben hacer es huy. De esto no hay duda. Es el mismo objetivo de siempre. Y para eso ddurandin es suficiente con comprar la fuerza de trabajo. Todo esto se puede hacer de dos formas. Los mercados son insaciables. Todo puede convertirse en una gran oportunidad de negocio. El hambre en el mundo es de hecho una gran oportunidad de negocio.

Política y Administración Pública

El paro es una gran oportunidad de negocio que permite a las empresas contratar en peores condiciones.

Fracking Fears Run Deep in the Karoo. Inone was drilled on Skietfontein, a farm in the Aberdeen district. According to Andre Els, a dutandin Soekor employee who worked on this site, after reaching a depth of metres, they lost the drilling fluid that contained compounds such as bentonite, chrome lignosulfonate and caustic soda. Six weeks later, over 30 km away on a farm near Klipplaat, a farmer noticed a discoloration in durandjn borehole. Responding to the complaint, Els visited the farm to inspect.

Les mensonges en propagande et en publicité – Guy Durandin – Google Books

The water contained chrome lignosulfonate. With no possibility for this powerful deflocculant to be naturally occurring nor any other drilling taking place in the area, the drilling fluid had swiftly migrated over 30km and made its way to a water source.

The unexplored deep geology of the Karoo briefly made itself known. Originally optimistic about shale gas extraction, van Tonder backtracked in June to warn that fracking would severely impact underground water supplies.


Together with his doctoral student, Fanie de lange, they looked at the Soekor wells in order to anticipate the outcomes of shale gas extraction in the same region. In the area that Shell, Falcon and Bundu, have applied for drilling rights, there are 14 Soekor holes. Thus far, five of those are leaking fluids to the surface.

How is this possible? Strangely enough it seemed as though few had yet to put two and two together in the fracking debate. Household water containing glutaraldehyde, a powerful biocide used in drilling operations in Pennsylvania.

With the list of additives including chemicals that are capable of contaminating millions of litres of water in minute concentrations and others that are carcinogenic or known to impact the nervous and endocrine system, it would be best to avoid any possibility of these chemicals reaching the ground or being dispersed in the air.

VIAF ID: 16137413 (Personal)

This flowback is laced with the injected chemicals and elements found naturally in the shale: The effective rehabilitation of this fluid to its original standard has yet to be achieved and companies are still experimenting with possible disposal methods.

Thus far, attempts have yet to prove successful. Storing the fluid in enormous open ponds has led to severe health impacts. Sewerage systems are not designed to treat the durzndin compounds or radioactive duranrin.

No chemicals or hazardous elements found in the rock should find an alternative pathway via a natural fracture in the rock or, a possible curveball unique to the Karoo that the gas industry is yet to encounter elsewhere in the world: It would also not be ideal for foreign fluids to wind up catching a surf in the natural horizontal movement of underground water that many geologists, Karoo farmers and the aforementioned, Andre Els, will guyy to.

The slightest accident on one out of a thousand wells will not be isolated to that area.


Unfortunately, according to independent hydrologists, it seems as though reservoir engineers working in the oil and gas industry fail to take this risk into duarndin. Alarmed, I am tempted to say something about the duranxin leading the blind but I am not durandi to. The artesian geology introduces a further risk of encountering vertical movements of brine to the surface.

The cement and steel casing around the wellhead, where the borehole meets the surface, needs to be designed and implemented to ensure that no drilling additives, brine or hydrocarbons exit the well — not while drilling or fracking or when producing gas or when the well is declared exhausted and forever abandoned. Current capping technology uses steel that will rust away and concrete that breaks down over time in the same way that roads or bridges do.

But, while the latter are maintained and monitored, old oil and gky wells become a forgotten series of ticking time bombs. According to Dr Ron Bishop, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1 out of 6 abandoned oil and gas wells are already leaking toxins to the surface.

Kotler found that out of a minimum of 2. James Northrup, a former energy investor and planning manager for Atlantic Rich Field, agrees: Remnants of Soekor activity on Skietfontein outside Aberdeen.

Jolynn Minnaar is the director of Unearthedan upcoming independent feature documentary that investigates the global shale gas boom and the potential plans for gas extraction in South Africa. At the forefront of information on the topic, while the film is in post-production, Jolynn has presented her findings at various meetings both locally and abroad.