Booktopia has Glimpse of Abhidhamma by U W Senanayake. Buy a discounted Paperback of Glimpse of Abhidhamma online from Australia’s. the Abhidhamma and making a Sinhala translation from the Páli face, it is a picture; but it is a true picture, a glimpse, however faint, of the truth that the Noble . and the Discipline (Dhamma,vinaya), without mentioning any Abhidhamma (Cv 11 = V “Glimpses into the origin and development of the Abhidhamma.

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The Sarvastivadin Vaibhasikas held that the Buddha and his disciples taught the Abhidharma, but that it was scattered throughout the canon. It has no smaller parts; it cannot be decomposed, cannot be seen, heard, smelled, touched. These all vied with each other, producing many wondrous offshoots, each giving abjidhamma to its own theoretical system.

They are mere states dhamma occurring due to conditions and void. Though, with death, the physical body disintegrates and the flow of consciousness temporarily ceases yet the stream is not annihilated as the Kammic force that propels it remains. The last book of the Pali Abhidhamma, the Patthanasets out the main Theravada theory on conditioned relations abhidha,ma causality. Sarvastivada Abhidharma, page Other Abhidharma schools did not accept the svabhava concept. When a person is fast glimpsed and is in a dreamless state he experiences a kind of consciousness which is more passive than active note no mention about subconsciousness in Abhidhamma akin to Freudian analysis.


As Patisandhi relinking is the initial thought moment of life so Cuti the final thought moment. Part of a series on. Glimpse of Mind in Abhidhamma Abhidhamma is colossal and any attempt at simplifying it is difficult, zbhidhamma because of the fact that Abhidhamma in Buddhist terminology is an attempt to finely describe the working of the Mind.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Due to famines and constant wars, the monks ahbidhamma for recording the oral tradition felt that there was a risk of portions of the canon being lost so the Abhidhamma was written down for the first time along with the rest of the Canon.

The Sarvastivada Vibhasa-sastrins accepted only static dependent origination [41]. So the Samsara is the conditional existence sort of cause and effect process of beings, all inclusive not only human but Deva and Preta included and the glimmpses of Buddhist Practice is to strive for Unconditional Existence of the Mental Culture not a zero sum game or state of Bliss without attachment Tanha.

Saturday, June 24, Glimpse of Mind in Abhidhamma. The Abhidharma then has a soteriological purpose, abhidhamms and foremost and its goal is to support Buddhist practice and meditation.

The prominent Western scholar of Abhidharma, Erich Frauwallner has said that these Buddhist systems are “among the major achievements of the classical period of Indian philosophy. They are dhammas because they are upheld by conditions or they are upheld according to their own nature’ Asl.

By carefully watching the coming and going of dhammas, and being able to identify which ones are wholesome and to be cultivated, and which ones are unwholesome and to be abandoned, the Buddhist meditator makes use of the Abhidharma as a schema to liberate his mind and realize that all experiences are impermanent, not-self, unsatisfactory and therefore not to be clung to.


Perception of that sensation as agreeable, disagreeable or neutral. According to Collett Cox, Abhidhamma started as an elaboration of the teachings of the suttas, but later developed independent doctrines. Some scholars date the seven Pali Abhidhamma books from about BCE to about BCE, the first book being the oldest of the seven and the fifth being the newest. Two possibilities are most commonly given:.

It consists of seven sections or books:. The Abhidharma texts’ field of inquiry extends to the entire Buddhadharmasince their goal was to outline, systematize and analyze all of the teachings. The idea was to create an exhaustive list of all possible phenomena that make up the world.

parafox: Glimpse of Mind in Abhidhamma

Each thought moment hangs onto some kind of object. That causes to arise sensation from the sense object. Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism. This type of consciousness in Abhidhamma term is Bhavanga. In the Mahavibhasa treatment of dependent origination, four different types are outlined: Compared to the colloquial sutrasAbhidharma texts are much more technical, analytic and systematic in content and style. This term was used in different ways by the different Buddhist schools.