Close Up Illusions. Written by Gary Ouellet. Work of Gary Ouellet. pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic Illustrated with. Close Up Illusions [Gary Ouellet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contains many magical masterpieces of close-up magic including. Close Up Illusions [Gary Ouellet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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For example, the Hirata Master Move, taught in his booklet the Silver Passage, is mentioned in the Silverdust routine, but not taught. The Silver Sequel coins: The Break System – Part One. Ouellets book looked good I just am not familiar with his work, maybe I should be?

Magic Tricks

How may I help you? Hopefully a good choice? I, too, have this, and I can say that it is a fantastic book. I personally think this may be one of the most underrated books on the market. The After Dinner Speech. While they don’t offer ouelket guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days.

Moreover, integrated effectively and entertainingly with the plus sleights and routines are Gary’s thoughts and theories on the performance of magic. The Paradise Ascanio Spread. Just complete your order as normal, illusios within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Selection “shown” not to be on the top or the bottom from the face up deck Three Triumphant Cuts: A direct, commercial, and astounding version of The Cannibal Cards!


Close-Up Illusions ($) – Gary Ouellet – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

His words and his magic had a powerful impact on my magic career and I will always be grateful to him for his generosity, his genius, and his humility. The Crook Snap Change.

You will read it and you will benefit from it. He spends time on the aspects of ” Close Up Theatre ” including stance, music, suspense, scripting and a number of other very important considerations on how to put together a compelling performance.

Close Up Illusions

Although not a professional studio production, the video was recorded in high resolution with professional lighting and edited on a digital video editing suite. Hope that helps some.

I have all four of Regal’s book and all DVDs and highly recommend each and every one of them. Some of the new concepts include: Find Out how to pay. The Paradise Elmsley Count. Sep 20, A stunning impromptu glass suspension. I have this, though couldn’t give a good review as it has been years since I xlose it.

Product info for Close-Up Illusions Author: From easy-to-master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close Up Illusions was quietly introduced in the early 80’s and went on to illuaions a cherished collector’s reference work. Cards are removed from pocket, and number indicated by the cards is counted down to: Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best This far-reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary’s Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, as well as many essays on the real work.


Close-up Illusions Video by Gary Ouellet $

Magic as a Performing Art, essays 3 Body Memory: Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. More Magic from Camirand Academy of Magic. Despite my involvement with The Camirand Academy over the years, I only met Gary Ouellet on three occasions prior to his untimely death inand all were equally brief. Card to coin purse routine HINT: The Paradise Jordan Count. Oufllet on the Card Revisited.

Sep 24, You must see it to believe it! From easy-to-master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close-Up Illusions was quietly introduced in the early 80’s and went on to become a cherished collector’s reference work.