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Burhan jild,shumara-6,Jun Shumara Number Oudh Punch Shumara Number Don’t shut me out.

Translation is my own Mystics must adhere to a certain holistic code of life that comprises law, the path and the f shariat, tariqat, haqiqat. Nasafi in this regard has said: Tazkira Auliya-e-Rajasthan Volume Astonishment The experience of Unity of Being appears to be immersed in a hard paradox, where he feels that the beloved is both transcendental and nearer to him at the same time.

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When my love cries out, they turn away. How to join the mevlevi convent?. He is Allah, Absolute Oneness Quran The door there is devastation. Saheefa Shumara Number Asad, whose voice gives me bearing, and whose Singularity always guides me home.

Retrieved September 12,from http: The way of love is not a subtle argument. How wonderful is the path of Love, Where the headless one lifts up his head is exalted – Hafiz The just orbit is whole, whereby the seeker returns to himself as another.



Song Of the Reed Flute. Added to your favorites Removed from your favorites. The hundred tales of wisdom: Zar Kamil-e-Ayyar maiyar-ull-ashaar Tasawwuf Aur Siriyat Taqabuli Mutala Shumara Number Jamia,New Delhi.

Thine eye hath d my ruin, but so my love Send it, a thousand welcomes to the woe! Or desire ever leave you? Khamosh kardum wa az ghair e ahl banhuftam I hold my silence and keep the unworthy in the dark Because: Publications Of Munshi Naval Kishore Retrieved September 29,from http: Though, the thought of fleeing occurs to preserve existence hasti and to end the torment.

Fughan e Rumi – Islamic E Books Collection

Maktubat-e-Hazrat Khwaja Baaqi ballah Naqshbandi dehlvi. Retrieved September 30,from http: How many friends will turn from me in shame? Aan lujja rrumi aen e aan mauj Aan mauj cheh bood aen e derya What was that mass of waters? Makanam la makan baashid nishanam bi nishaan baashid Na tan baashid na jaan baashid rrumi man az jaan e jaana nam My place is the placeless, my trace is the traceless Tis neither body nor soul, for I belong to the soul of the Beloved.

He seeks Shams as truth, as wine, as the sea. Az Kinaar e khuweesh yaabim her dammi rughan booye yaar From the bosom of Self, I catch continually a scent of the beloved 1- And: Qaida-e-Hindi Rekhta Risala-e-Gilchrist Nikat-e-Bedil Deewan-e-Bedil Deewan.


Man Ba Tu Cheneen sokhteh khar mann taaki Wazz ma tu cheneen kasheeda daaman taaki Een kaar bikaam dushmanaanam ta chand Mann darr gham tu, tu farigh az mann taaki How long will I keep burning in your fugham Insha-e-Momin Momin Ke Khutut How do they learn it?

Additionally, it also means that God has attributes and acts by which He appears everywhere to the wayfarer arif.

Fughan-e-Roomi by Shaykh Shah Hakeem Akhtar

Remember me on this computer. Bahr-ul-Aruz Mutavval Risaala-e-Qaafiya Swedenborg and esoteric Islam p.

Do you understand what I mean by having grown tired of myself? Marif Shumara Number Marif.

However, since it fughsn only be inconclusively submitted for the peculiarity of a particular inquiry, for present purposes let us only view it in the light of irfan. Under no circumstances is the Beloved reproached, his cruelties are also his attention, his displeasure is His will, his neglect is His grandeur.