Según el tipo que tengas, puedes mejorar sin tratamiento. Algunos Con poca frecuencia, la enfermedad de Buerger puede afectar los vasos. Si padeces el fenómeno de Raynaud, las temperaturas frías o el estrés pueden provocar que partes del cuerpo, principalmente los dedos de. Tratamiento. Después del diagnóstico de la enfermedad de Buerger, el paso más importante es dejar de fumar. Esto puede ayudar.

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It is a common disease, especially among young women, and that causes pain in fingers, changes of color and, sometimes, skin injuries, exposure to cold. Raynaud’s phenomenon or, simply, Raynaud’s, is a disorder characterized by decreased blood flow – usually to the fingers of the hands, and less frequently in the ears, toes, nipples, knees or nose.

In general, vascular spasms as attacks in response to exposure to cold, vibration or emotional upset. Raynaud’s phenomenon can occur as a single manifestation or with other diseases.

The diseases most frequently associated with Raynaud’s are autoimmune or connective tissue, such as:. It is more common among women than among men and especially between 20 and forty. It also appears with some frequency in menopause, especially among women who have not made hormonal replacement therapy. There are certain diseases or lifestyle choices that may increase the risk that a person will develop Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The following are the most common symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon. There are no specific laboratory tests that can confirm a diagnosis of Raynaud’s phenomenon. Instead, diagnosis is usually based on symptoms described by the patient and the exclusion of other diseases. Your doctor may perform a cold challenge test to cause color changes in the hands and study the changes of the flow curve with a plethysmograph digital or subungeal capil-laroscopy studies.


Although there is no cure for Raynaud’s phenomenon, the disorder can be successfully managed with proper treatment.

You can include the following:. People show the first manifestation of Raynaud’s phenomenon when they are between 40 and 50 they should be evaluated to determine if an underlying disease exists.

Up to 50 percent of people with Raynaud’s develop a secondary disorder, usually in the connective tissue. Our channel of videos released on Youtube. Gallery of images on our Flickr channel. Photo shows in our Issuu channel. Keep tratamienho with our new RSS feed news.

Enfermedad de Buerger

Skip to content Home About us What is Raynaud’s phenomenon? The diseases most frequently associated with Raynaud’s are autoimmune or connective tissue, such as: Systemic lupus erythematous lupus. CREST syndrome calcium deposits in the skin, Raynaud’s phenomenon, esophageal dysmotility, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia.

What population suffers Raynaud’s phenomenon? In two thirds of the cases the symptoms disappear spontaneously within 7 years after onset. What are the causes of Raynaud’s phenomenon? It is unknown what the exact cause is. One theory links blood disorders characterized by increased platelets or red blood cells that can increase blood viscosity.

Another theory involves the special receptors in the blood that control the constriction of blood vessels and has proven to be more sensitive in people with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

What are the risk factors of Raynaud’s phenomenon? An autoimmune disease or existent connective tissue. Alcohol consumption in women. What are the symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon? A pattern of color changes in fingers as follows: Pale or white that is blue and then red when the hands are warmed; color changes usually occur after bjerger person was exposed to cold or emotional upset.

The enferrmedad may become swollen and painful when warmed. In severe cases, ulcers develop on the finger pads.


Enfermedad de Raynaud – Diagnóstico y tratamiento – Mayo Clinic

Gangrene may develop in the fingers, which can lead to amputation in about 10 percent of severe cases. How is Raynaud’s phenomenon diagnosed? Treatment for Raynaud’s phenomenon: Specific treatment of Raynaud’s phenomenon will be determined by your physician based tgatamiento Your age, overall health and medical history.

How advanced the disease is.

Enfermedad de Buerger | Memorial Family Med

Your tolerance to specific medications or therapies. Expectations for the course of the disease. Your opinion or preference. You can include the following: Preventive measures such as wearing gloves or avoiding cold exposure. Wear protectors for ulcerated fingers. Avoiding trauma or vibration to the hand such as the use of vibrating tools During the winter buerge drugs can be given that are used to treat high blood pressure antihypertensive drugs like nifedipine or new vasodilator drugs that can be administered orally Bosartan or intravenously prostaglandins.

Nefropatía por IgA

These medications help to reduce the enermedad of blood vessels but are limited to the most severe cases. Enermedad y Respuestas al Doctor 6. Sigue con los mismos episodios. Actualmente tengo 28 y desde hace 2 han empezado a salirme telagientacsias. Preguntas y Respuestas al Doctor corto largo. Suscripcion por correo electronico solo usuarios registrados. He leido y estoy de acuerdo con la Terminos de uso.

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