List of computer science publications by Edward Fredkin. Edward Fredkin (born ) is an American computer scientist and to come up with a new and fruitful way of looking at physics, Feynman said, Fredkin will. Ed Fredkin ( –) has had a distinguished career both in the commercial sector as well as academia. He held professorships at MIT in Electrical Engineering.

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In ontological terms, your Digital Philosophy tends more to reductionism or emergentism?

By other views, it is a simple matter of approximation whereby the unpredictability of quantum effects is declared “negligible” at some point. Digital Mechanics Book Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence.

If this is the case, then all natural phenomena can be represented by scalar values — numbers. Although this type of limitation goes against common sense, it is required by Finite Nature and, in fact, it is a good illustration of the baffling step-wise behaviors of quantum mechanics.

Pancomputationalism is related to several larger schools of philosophy: The invention of calculus by Newton and Leibnitz provided the mathematical tools for taming the philosophical concepts of the infinite and the infinitesimal. T o this point, Fredkin has been considering the volume of space-time as a static block of information — a finite block of information in its present state.


Material particles were being acted upon, passively reacting, not acting. For example, if a coin has the discrete property of being heads or tails, then it cannot be anything in between.

The meaning is anything the programmer wants it to be. Privacy policy About Chessprogramming wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. The digital mechanics model is obtained by applying the assumption to physics. This architecture denominates each computing unit as a “cell,” which operates as though it were an independent computer with a simple set of programming instructions.

Wikipedia has an article about: In a computational fredkn that uses transitions from one state of the abstract machine to another, a necessary condition for reversibility is that the relation of the mapping from states to their successors must be one-to-one. Edward Ed Fredkinborn an American physicist, computer scientist, pioneer of digital physics and advocate of digital philosophy. Proceedings of the 2nd conference on Computing frontiers, April ” Did the Universe Just Happen?

This would be a computer crash.

Edward Fredkin

The fundamental process of nature must be a computation-universal process 3. Without further information, the fdedkin could be almost anything–the current date, the color of some particular pixel on the screen, the board position in a game of computer chess, Joe DiMaggio’s batting average in The examples given from atomic theory frekdin chemistry, and quantum theory in physics, serve as reminders that close examination can reveal step-wise, discrete properties at any and perhaps every turn.

Verified email at cmu. Instead, we are describing a method of computing which can substitute for the transistors of the desktop computer chips, but accomplish the same task of processing information.


At the most fundamental levels of physics, DP implies a totally discrete process called Digital Mechanics.

Digital Philosophy | A New Way of Thinking About Physics

Both consist of a block of memory which is acted upon by a set of programming instructions. We know from high school that all things are made of individual atoms. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The state-of-flip heads or tails may be one property; and the place-of-minting Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco another; and the denomination nickel, dime, quarter, etc.

In order to better understand Finite Nature, Fredkin suggests that we look to examples of simple systems with similar properties. A Chess-orientated Processing System. Jonathan Lowe John R.

Edward Fredkin – Chessprogramming wiki

Perhaps Zeno was a Fredkin ahead of his time. An earlier profile of Fredkin published in The Atlantic Monthly in had stated the gist gredkin Fredkin’s thinking on the subject. Nonlinear Phenomena 45, Retrieved from ” https: This means that, theoretically, any quantity can be represented exactly by an integer.