Ultimately, the Duskblade is not good at much else besides dealing damage, so this guide is mostly optimizing for more damage and some amount of utility. the-duskblade-handbook: A guide for the e Duskblade class. I was reading the Duskblade handbook, and I found some perplexing statements. Can you guys help me out? First, it cites this ridiculous post.

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Or i have to wait for the next round?

Duskblade – 1d4chan

Your AC can be kept high with a good suit of armor and your attack bonus is just duskbblade with strength. It hajdbook be worth it to have more consistent damage. It’s a nice buff for low levels, but once you get an item to boost the attribute in question, you should get rid of it. You can save a feat though by following this ruling here: I think the overall synergy this class has with Duskblade puts it on par with the Abjurant Champion. So after casting it you’ve got a standard and a move action or a full-round action left.

Out of these, Strength is probably the most useful unless you are finesse-based, but using weapon finesse is not optimal. Well i see a crystal for weapon that is made for the duskblade.

Dimension Hop is interesting when you want the enemies away from you, or throw them down a cliff. Bonus to Strength duskbldae ranged or finesse, then Dexterity. Also helps concentration checks. If the two parties are mixed together you can attack your allies to move them to strategic positions such as to a flanking position.


Duskblade Handbook, Arcane Strike — not right?

If you go for more spellcasting, you’re looking at two things: The best course of action is for the party to split the various knowledges that creature types are related to. However, it also seems to fly in the face of the FAQ, which states that when they referred to channeling “touch” spells, what they meant was spells that had a “melee touch attack. Poison Spell can be combined with the Master of Poisons feat, to force your opponent to save against two poison checks in just one attack.

Don’t forget, though, wizards have more flexibility, allowing you to swap up your abilities day by day.

Usually this will be your source of spellcasting. They can’t blast cities with the powerful spells a sorcerer gets, or duekblade the versatility of a wizard in spell selection. What rating would you give them? However, note that you are probably better off using both turns to attack instead of casting this, especially once you get iterative attacks.

It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but note that you can gain the temporary hit points only one time, as they don’t stack at least if your DM is sane. You also get Combat Casting for free really early as a bonus feat. An extremely powerful tool to deal massive single-target damage.


Having a character that can regroupyour allies can easily be brought together or teleported in a large body of enemies, saving them the actions to move closer. Usually a great pick. Touch of fatigue, ghoul touch, touch of idiocy, dispelling touch are mainly used to jandbook.

Spells and Swords

Doing so discharges the spell at the end of the round, in the case of a touch spell that would otherwise last longer than 1 round. Really helps shadowpouncers and melee destroyers with low mobility. Item Image Eldritch handboko a nice feat for the duskblade and does have a nice flavour, i think it’s from Book of the Eldritch Might.

Wyrm Wizard — A personal favorite. July 30, Dictum Mortuum May 12, at Hey DM, These are amazing handbooks — I’ve been a quiet admirer of your work for years.

cuskblade Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. A few great spells to grab if you can get them: Goes very well on Duskblades that PrC to maintain high spells per day rather than multiclass. And that’s the story of how I became a blackguard.

There are a lot of these, and several even have good BAB, but most have really poor spell lists.