Hogfather has ratings and reviews. Nataliya said: This is a book about the nature of belief; the reminder that things we think of as essenti. Nowadays, the Hogfather is expected to travel in a sleigh pulled by hogs of most of the Discworld except for the Counterweight continent and. Meanwhile, the Auditors of Reality pay the Assassins Guild a huge fee to assassinate the Hogfather (the equivalent to Father Christmas).

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At least, that’s one theory. Was also the first book to be adapted by Sky One for a live action TV movie. Terry Pratchett made a cameo as a toymaker. While all this is going on we haven’t even talked about the wizards and The first third of the book is incredibly funny. Susan follows a trail through Ankh-Morpork and discovers that Violet Bottler, a human Tooth Fairywent missing while taking a tooth to a criminal Banjo Lilywhite one of Teatime’s assistants.

It’s just a delight. I wouldn’t really blame you if you missed every section that didn’t feature Death in it, and I’ll probably end up doing just that next year to get me in the Christmas mood because having to listen to Fairy Tale of New York in November sure as shit won’t do that for me. And that’s what Pratchett says in this book, through the small-caps voice of his most enigmatic and inhuman character – DEATH. Well worth a read but I am definitely glad I bumped this one up my reading list to fit in with the season as it may not have had the same impact out of season.

Of course, we’ve also got the Wizards running around messing with stuff the whole time. Retrieved from ” https: It is no small thing to make the Sun rise. Thanks for telling us about the problem. She’d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up. That’s real old magic.


Because I work for a nonprofit agency that gets swamped with donations in November and December and struggles to meet needs in Junethe commentary about a lot of people’s true motivations for holiday giving really hit the mark. It’s hard to be that beautiful and still get Susan’s character right and Marc Warren as Teatime was excellent for the job, possessing just the discaorld amount of menace without overplaying it.


How do you kill an immortal? However we also encounter a number of other gods, such as the oh-god of Hangovers, who came into existence because people began to believe in him.

The novel entered discwworld UK Top 10 charts at 1 as hardback in October [3] and as paperback in November It is a delightful treat.

Nevertheless, I like that we’re sticking to the chronology in general. Susan the governess has got to find him before morning, otherwise the sun won’t rise. In fact, some have suggested that the Antikythera Mechanism is also a type of computer that was built by none other than Archemides himself.

It all came together in the end quite satisfyingly but I didn’t want to be in the dark for the first pages but that could have been because of my lack of focus while reading. The voice of reason says it will rise, but there are many unreasonable voices in a person.

Audible Download Audio Books. I was not a fan of the things going on at the university or any other point of view. Worse still, someone is coming down the chimney.

Converting anything of Terry Pratchett’s to film was always going to be difficult. Susan saw them one after another. This is the first Discworld novel I’ve read in which Death plays a major part, and I really like how he attempts to understand people and revive belief in the Hogfather. Which brings us back to square one, right? Preceded in the Death series by Soul Music.


Jogfather those more knowledgeable than I have warned against that, as apparently the first set of books is not a good barometer for what comes later. The Hogfather transforms back into human form and flies off into the night. Anything that undermines superstition has to be viewed with some caution.

When those consequences turn out to be the end of the world, you need to be prepared. I wanted to read it this year, but just can’t fit it in. Also, Pratchett touches on wealth distribution somewhat in Hogfather because the Santa Claus-like character is giving out free presents but those presents have to come from somewhere. Discwrold book is hilarious!

Hogfather (Discworld, #20; Death, #4) by Terry Pratchett

Well, they did invent dullness. And Death is meddling again. Wikiquote has hogfathee related to: Teatime grabs Death’s sword off her but it fails to work, since children do not understand death. Life itself is very unkempt, so the best thing to do is eliminate it, right? When the Auditors get sideways and we start seeing deific entities like an Oh god! I try to read this every year.

They like order and such…. Books by Terry Pratchett. Now there remains one final question. Xiscworld you can look a little deeper, and be blown away by just how much of a genius Pratchett really was. There are so many iconic moments “meet the Hogfather at the fancy department store” turning into “watch the Hogfather’s enormous hogs piss all over the fancy department store”, for one.