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Bach-Gesellschaft AusgabeBand 44 Leipzig: Bach’s son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach himself bavh a rather vague tuning method which was close to but still not equal temperament: The working plans of the instrument used are due to Lutz Bungart of the Instrument workshop.

Nevertheless, some musicologists say it is insufficiently proven that Bach’s looped drawing signifies anything reliable about a tuning method.

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin D-B: Preludes and Fugues Nos.

A Technical, Philosophic, and Historical Studyp. In Marchthe pianist Kimiko Douglass-Ishizaka released a new and complete recording of Book 1 into the public domain. JS Bach, like no other composer in musical history, managed to combine rather abstract and formal concepts, such as counterpoint, fugues and canons, temperafo an incredible sense of beauty.

Each set contains twenty-four pairs of prelude and fugue.

J.S. Bach, The Well-tempered Clavier

Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Md. In the 20th century Dmitri Shostakovich wrote his 24 Preludes and Fuguesan even closer reference to Bach’s model.

Analysis Style, tempo and articulation Fingering Notable performances Literature and online ressources A note on practicing. The first book of the Well-Tempered Clavier was composed in the early s, with Bach’s autograph dated In the clae Both books of the Well-Tempered Clavier were widely circulated in manuscript, but printed copies were not made untilby three publishers almost simultaneously in Bonn, Leipzig and Zurich.


Bach’s title suggests that he had written for a note well-tempered tuning system in which all keys sounded in tune also known as “circular temperament”.

The fugues employ a full range of contrapuntal devices fugal exposition, thematic inversion, strettoetc. More recently there has been a series of proposals of temperaments derived from the handwritten pattern of loops on Bach’s title page. The opposing system in Bach’s day was meantone temperament [ citation needed ] in which keys with many accidentals sound out of tune. Bach-Gesellschaft AusgabeBand 14 Leipzig: As ofover recordings have been documented, [51] including the above keyboard instruments as well as transcriptions for ensembles and also synthesizers.

Musically, the structural regularities of the Well-Tempered Clavier encompass an extraordinarily wide range of styles, more so than most pieces in the literature. But, with the maturing of the Classical style in the s, the Well-Tempered Clavier began to influence the course of musical history, with Haydn gien Mozart studying the work closely.

The three most cited sources are ForkelBach’s first biographer ; Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurgwho received information from Bach’s sons and pupils; and Johann Kirnbergerone of those pupils. Played by Raymond Smullyan. Most are three- and four-voiced fugues, and there are only two five-voiced fugues BWV andand one two-voiced fugue BWV Anna Magdalena Bach copied a short version of this prelude in her Notebook No.

Apart from the early versions of several preludes included in W. It is possible that this edition is a re-engraving of the Breitkopf issue from with the text translated into Polish.


Bach gave the title Das Bacj Clavier to a book of preludes and fugues in all 24 major and minor keys, datedcomposed “for the profit and use bacj musical youth desirous of learning, and especially for the pastime of those already skilled in this study”.

During much of the 20th century it was assumed that Bach wanted equal temperamentwhich had been described by theorists and musicians for at least a century before Bach’s birth.

Bach – Fischer – Clave Bien Temperado on Spotify

Bach, The Well-tempered Clavier. Views Read Edit View history. PDF scanned by piano. Editor Bruno Mugellini — Mozart, Haydn and Early Beethoven: Fugue in three voices.

J.S. Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier – Homepage

I am aware that many of the statements on this website are subjective and can therefore be challenged and debated. Contents 1 Performances 1.

However, they disagree as to which key receives which character:. Johann Pachelbel ‘s magnificat fugues composed —Georg Muffat ‘s Apparatus Musico-organisticus of and Johann Speth ‘s Ars magna of for example. Archived from the original on 12 February The pages have been arranged 2-up in imposition booklet order for duplex printing on A3 paper and require an A3 printer.

Plates, Please obey the copyright laws of your country. Archived from the original on May 3, Edition Peters BV B 25, part 1. Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3. Zweyter Theilmodern clavr Joseph Aibl Problems playing this file?

Prelude and Fugue E major.