CJKV Information. Processing Overview. Template. A lot of mystique and intrigue surrounds how CJKV—Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese—text is. First published a decade ago, CJKV Information Processing quickly became the unsurpassed source of information on processing text in. CJKV Information Processing covers all major writing systems for Vietnamese ( including Quc ngu, chu Nm and chu Han), Japanese (kana and kanji), Korean.

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I did post all of these to my Twitter account on October 11,but I figured that it was also good to include them in a single article that is easily referenced. In addition to writing the entire book, I also typeset the entire book, except for its cover. This included compiling the Index.

This allowed me to inject a bit of humor into the book, to include hidden messages. In other words, this article does not include a complete list of them. We start with page xxv in the Preface. The first letter of the first word of the first four paragraphs form an abbreviation that readers may recognize: Every numbered chapter in the book is the same, meaning that the first letter of the first word of the first paragraphs form an abbreviation or spell a word.


CJKV Information Processing – O’Reilly Media

RMK the clue to what this abbreviation means is in the Glossary on page Chapter 3: Interestingly, I am still the only Adobe employee who has pronghorn antelope trophies mounted on his office wall.

Clues are on page in the Glossary, and on page in the Index.

The footnote on page 28 in Chapter 1 has a Star Trek: The Next Generation reference:. The first and second footnotes on page in Chapter 4 are somewhat humorous, especially the second one:.

It decodes cjkg follows: I am wondering how many people will actually type this in to find out what it says.

processiing The footnote on page in Chapter 5 is in reference to there having being books written using a mobile phone as the means of input:.

The first footnote on page in Chapter 6 is a reference to an anecdotal full form of the OCF abbreviation:.

CJKV Information Processing, 2nd Edition – O’Reilly Media

The section title on page in Chapter 6 is a derivation of the infamous All your base are belong to us sentence, and the third footnote is meant to be amusing:. The second footnote on page in Chapter 7 includes Star Trek: The Next Generation and James Bond references:. The sixth footnote on page in Chapter 12 includes a quote from Alien: Finally, if you read to the end of this article, I encourage you to peruse the Glossary and Index of the book, because they are filled with other odds and ends that are meant to be humorous.