Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Publication Order of Wicca: Sweep Books Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young . A complete Cate Tiernan Sweep Series book set. All fifteen titles I’ve always loved stories of the supernatural especially involving wicca/witches. You fall in. The Wicca book series by Cate Tiernan includes books Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood witch, and several more. See the complete Wicca series book list in .

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One last, but very important, thing: Sky and another person, seemingly a member of sreies International Council of Witches, then arrive at the house and take Cal and Selene’s body away. Aside from the fact that they came out years before SMeyer had her wet dream about Edward, unlike Bella, Morgan is a strong, independent and capable young woman.

During this circle, Morgan discovers that she is a “blood witch”: A movie screen does not make a book series better. I am not a regular… More.

Jack Reacher is back! Volume 5 by Cate Tiernan. She finds out the family have been plagued by mysterious mishaps that had been attributed to a curse her great-great-great-great grandmother placed on the family having lost her mind.

I seires, im a Wiccan and its a little exaggerated but it still has actual acts from my religion and its fun and is in my age group! I feel that this wcca be very difficult to adapt onscreen, so it’s important to get a good cast and crew. She has real flaws. The characters, even the ‘perfect Edward’ are flawed. I was only Seeker by Cate Tiernan. Cal begs Morgan to save him, so Morgan throws ctae athame that Cal gave her for her birthday at Hunter, sending him over the edge of the cliff and into the river.


Even after almost 10 years, it remains to this day my very favorite book series. Sydneymoviestar on Jan 16, This article needs additional citations for verification.

In her quest for her origins, Morgan eventually meets Hunter Niall and Sky of the rival coven and feels strangely wary around them.

Before you go insulting a very good series read it first. Hunter and Morgan slowly start to get closer throughout the book.

Cate Tiernan

Kithic and Cirrus merge and Morgan becomes aware of her feelings for Hunter. Read Currently Reading Want wica Read. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. I stayed up till 4, sometimes 5 in the morning to read those books!


Further tensions erupt on Morgan’s birthday during her time with Cal when Hunter arrives. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels. Bloodegypt on Mar 9, The books talk about love, yes.

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Night’s Child by Cate Tiernan. Flustered from seeing Sky and Hunter in Cal’s home, Morgan, wanting to get away from them, leaves the room and discovers a door hidden in the hallway. Call Me By Your E-mail me for further feedback: Something is happening to me that I don’t underst… More.

The council sends Hunter to New York, the place where the coven is suspected to operate, to investigate. There she meets her mother’s family and reconnects with her roots with the help of family friend Charlie.

If not then I’ll have mine pre-ordered Jen on Oct 20, While her guard is down, Hunter attempts to put the braigh around her wrists, but she is automatically enveloped by the darkness within her, causing the braigh to corrode. He sets a trap for her to steal her powers, but when he finds out Morgan is his daughter he helps Hunter to stop the ritual before it is too late.

A Ghost Story 4. Can’t wait for this movie!