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Without external support, Crocco turned to plundering and extortion to raise funds, cooperating with like-minded confederates and making raids from Molise to Apulia. Disappointed by the new Italian government’s lies, Crocco was persuaded by noblemen linked to Bourbons and the local clergy to join the legitimist cause.

Upon arrival Crocco was captured by papal troops in Veroli and imprisoned in Rome. Today many people of southern Italy, and in particular of his native region Basilicataconsider him a folk hero. No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold. Skin care Face Body. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: Gli ultimi briganti della BasilicataMelfi Costoro furono sempre da me detestati e citati di codardia all’ordine del giorno.

Faced with the apparent invincibility of Crocco’s army, the Hungarian Legion who helped Garibaldi during the expedition of the thousand intervened in support of the royal coalition. His mother, pregnant at that time, tried to defend her son but the lord kicked her in the belly, forcing her to abort.

When Crocco heard about these events he was angry and decided to avenge his sister.

Carmine Crocco

He is the main protagonist of divennk movie Li chiamarono Crocco was born into a family of five children in Rionero in Vulturewhich was at the time part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He was taken to the prison in Cerignola but, with the help of noble Fortunato family relatives of the politician Giustinohe was able to get away.


His band suffered many casualties, and some of his lieutenants, such as Ninco Nanco and Giuseppe cagmine Schiavone, were captured and executed by firing squad, leaving Crocco to retire toward the Ofanto zone.

Dal 10 al 14 io rimasi coi miei in Venosa spogliando, depredando, imponendo taglie, distruggendo uomini corcco case, facendo man bassa su tutti coloro che erano nemici della reazione. Una sola volta mi venne in mente di presentarmi alla forza per por fine alla mia vita brigantesca, e senza por tempo in mezzo, accompagnato dal Tortora e dal Ninco-Nancoavanzai inerme su Rionero.

The goal of Borjes was the capitulation of Potenzathe most well-defended stronghold of the Italian army in Basilicata. Meanwhile, another legitimist agent arrived: Vespasiano De Luca, director of Public Safety in Rionero, invited him to sign a treaty of surrender brigantf Crocco declined.

Carmine Crocco – Wikipedia

In 10 days, Crocco and his army occupied the entire Vulture area. Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. Aquilecchia rewarded him with 50 ducats, permitting Crocco to eventually return to his home town from Apulia and find a new job.

The Italian actor Michele Placidoson of an immigrant from Rionero, claims to be a descendant of Crocco on his father’s side. His uncle Martino was a veteran of the Napoleonic army who fought in Spain during the Peninsular Warlosing divenno leg, probably in the siege of Saragossa.

Cotesto aiuto, quasi sempre spontaneo, era conseguenza dell’odio innato del popolo nostro contro i regi funzionari e contro i Piemontesi, causa non ultima gli effetti della legge Pica, ed il modo sprezzante col quale gli ufficiali usavano trattare le popolazioni, facendo d’ogni erba un fascio. The movie was unsuccessful and was quickly suspended from its run in cinemas, although reviewers claimed that the truth was uncomfortable to some viewers. Cone a child, Crocco began to develop an aversion towards the upper class, after his brother was beaten by Don Vincenzo, a young lord, for killing a dog who had attacked a Crocco family chicken.

A dimostrare quanto avesse agito sull’animo mio la parola grave del sacerdote, sta il fatto che ordinai fossero immediatamente liberati i soldati prigionieri dando loro due ore di tempo per allontanarsi dal paese. Brigandage in the Two Sicilies. Retrieved 15 March Dalle grida di gioia e di furore dei miei, a cui faceva eco l’acclamazione popolare, la difesa comprese tosto essere vano ogni suo sforzo; pochi colpi di fucile sparati contro la mura ebbero il merito di ottenere una resa a discrezione, sotto promessa di lasciar a tutti la vita.


Maffei count, Marc Monnier, Brigand life in Italy: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carmine Crocco. Rionero in VultureBasilicata. Rosina was not interested in him and rejected him. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Views Read Edit View history.

Although some authors of the 19th and the early 20th century regarded him as a “wicked thief and assassin” [4] or a “fierce thief, vulgar murderer”, [5] since the comee half of the 20th century writers especially supporters of the Revisionism of Risorgimento began to see him in a new light, as an “engine brlgante the peasant revolution” [6] and a “resistant ante litteramone of the most brilliant military geniuses that Italy had”. Retrieved 2 January Queste memorie divennero molto note in tutto il Regno d’Italia.

Blinded by rage, Crocco pulled out a knife, killed Peppino and then fled to the Forenza woods. Elena, guardato a vista dai soldati inglesi, io nel bagno di S.

Crocco’s army made its way to Potenza, occupying neighboring cities such as Guardia PerticaraSan Chirico Raparo and Briggantebut the expedition to the main city failed because of a clash between Crocco and Borjes on the military campaign. Stefano, sotto la rigida sorveglianza delle sentinelle dell’esercito italiano.

Make sure briganre buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. Free Shipping All orders of Hobsbawm, Banditsp. Crocco, with the support of Borjes and De Langlais, conquered other towns searching for new recruits, including TrivignoCalcianoGaragusoCraco and Aliano.

Rispose a quell’invito un triplicato “Evviva a Crocco”, mentre sparavano per le vie i mortaretti in segno di maggior contento.