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A stationary contact mounted on the incoming heat sink similarly provides for the incoming line contactor function without the necessity of wiring to a separate stand alone device.

Mechanical contactors generating less heat than the semiconductor device can be used. A stationary contact 16a is mounted on line heat sink 12a. The semiconductors 30a and 30b then under gate control command the load current to go to a reduced level or to shut off. The starter control assembly of claim 17 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at least one of each pair of heat sinks. When full voltage operation and reduced heating is desired, solenoid 19a is energized causing shorting bar 15a to contact stationary contacts 14a and 14b mounted on the respective heat sinks 12a and 12b.

An electrically operated incoming soljd 8 connects the line voltage received at lug 10a to the line heat sink 2a by means of a movable line contact 7 which connects respectively the stationary line contacts 6a to 6b. A log of the error has been sent for review.

Current is conducted from respective thyristors 13a and 13b via load heat sink 12b to lug 20b which can be connected to one phase of the load. As the name implies, motor starters are commonly used to supply electrical power to motors in industrial control environments. Special Control Category This xtarter a special category for those “undefined” controls that we haven’t discussed yet. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Benshaw MX3 technology has more buit in features, more configurable atate and a broader communication capability than motor control on the market.

The interconnection wiring in the case of motor starting is significant because solud normal industrial motor control applications, the wiring size required to handle full motor current conditions is quite large.

Hagerstown, MD Local: It is an object of the present invention to reduce the heat generated in the control enclosure without startef need for separate stand alone contactor benshaaw and their associate interconnected wiring. The starter control assembly of claim 10 further including a line frame means for mounting said movable line contact that establishes an incoming path; and said line frame means being electrically non-conducting.

This is a special category for those “undefined” controls that we haven’t discussed yet. Other solic would include the solenoid acting through mechanical linkage to drive a plurality of movable contacts.


A solid state motor starter assembly having controlled semiconductors mounted between heat sink members. The starter control assembly of claim 33 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material.

Preferably these heat sinks are made of aluminum. While the aforegoing description and drawings show certain presently preferred embodiments of the invention, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited thereto and includes the various embodiments and practices within the broader scope of the invention.

To sense operation and coordinate the operation of the shunting contact, a switch element, such as limit switch 40, can be mounted tsate sense the position of the movable contact.

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The starter control assembly of claim 22 further including at least one electric solenoid operably connected to move at least one of said movable line contacts. Benshaw manufactures a sstarter range of low voltage solid state motor controls.

Call Send a quick message. Soft Starter Panels in Faridabad. When desired, by actuation of solenoid 19b, a parallel shunting current path would exist through stationary contact 14c which is rigidly affixed to line heat sink 12c and contact 14d which is rigidly affixed to load heat sink 12d, both being joined by movable shunting contact bar 15b. The starter control assembly of claim 38 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material.

Get best deals for coconut. When it is desired to reduce or break the load current, the solenoid 34 is first deenergized which causes the load current to be transferred back to the semiconductors 30a bensuaw 30b. Trigger speed control switch subassembly and method of making. There’s no excessive startup torque applied to that blower shaft!

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To reduce the heat generated in the semiconductor device during steady state full voltage operation, a shunting current path is established between the adjacent heat sinks by an electrically operated solenoid which moves a movable contact bar to engage stationary contact surfaces mounted directly on the heat sinks.

By varying the resistance between the line and the load, a controlled application of power could be achieved to an AC motor. The motor starter can now be housed in a single enclosure or structure which in many applications it is desirable or necessary to have sealed from the working environment. The starter control assembly of claim 7 wherein said solenoid means is mounted on at least one of said heat sinks and electrically insulated from said at least one heat sink.


In the past use of a separate stand alone bypass contactor and its associated wiring to form a parallel path often resulted in only a limited reduction in the size of the enclosure required for a reduced voltage AC motor starter. That’s because the locked rotor torque of the motor was so great and the power required to get that blower turning was more than the friction applied between the belts and sheaves. In addition to the bypass contactor, many motor starter applications also require an in-line contactor.

When the motor was desired to operate, electric signals would activate solenoid 8 on the incoming line side of assembly 1, causing movable contactor bar 7 to engage stationary contact 6a and 6b, thereby placing incoming heat sink 2a in electrical contact with incoming line lug 10a. When desired, solenoid 19b is actuated, shunting bar 15c engages stationary contacts 14e and 14f which are respectively mounted on heat sinks 12e and 12f causing a shunting current path between the heat sinks which is parallel to the control gated current flow via semiconductors 13e and 13f.

How does 20, HP sound to you? The starter control assembly of claim 16 having three electric solenoids operably connected to respective said movable shunting contact means. Website designed by IntegriNet Solutions.

Special Controls

The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said at least one stationary contact includes at least one stationary contact mounted on each of said heat besnhaw. The starter control assembly of claim 21 wherein said connector means includes lug means for connecting an electrical conductor and an associated stationary contact rigidly and electrically connected to said lug means, and said lug means and said associated stationary contact being rigidly mounted to said line heat sink and electrically insulated from said line heat sink when said movable line contact is in a disengaged state.

The starter control assembly of claim 23 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at least one of said line heat sinks. In environments where it is required to maintain a sealed or ventilation restricted enclosure, the physical size of the enclosure grows rapidly with the power rating of the semiconductor device. View Contact Call Seller Now. Contact spring 9 maintains proper pressure between the movable contact 26 satte the stationary contacts 24 and 25 during closure.