Buy Behringer SHARK DSP – Signal Processor featuring Feedback Supressor, Delay Line Compressor/Noise Gate. Review Behringer SHARK DSP ULTRA QUICK START GUIDE. SHARK® DSP MAIN FEATURES. band automatic feedback suppressor; Mic preamp with +48V. Find great deals for Behringer Shark DSP Feedback Destroyer Compressor Unit. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. You dsp1110 insert it directly into a mic signal to reduce feedback from that single mic, or put the unit through the line-level PA system, to use some of the other features on the overall PA sound.

Behringer Shark DSP110 Feedback Destroyer Compressor Unit

The box is nice and small, but for some applications, it would be nice to have the unit in a standard one-space rack mount. Clearly, you can rack-mount this unit with additional hardware, however. The main reason I bought this unit was for the feedback elimination, and overall, feedback eliminating units are just not as good as you may think.

The DSP has 12 available narrow-band filters that can be activated to reduce feedback, and the unit automatically detects what frequencies are problem frequencies. You can even set up the unit to produce an inputs sound through your PA, and it will detect the problem frequencies before you even begin to use the microphones. However, in many behrinfer, the unit will detect too many frequencies, and it will affect the overall sound greatly. It is not transparent whatsoever, and it was a bit disappointing to hear some of the results.

Overall, this is a multi-functional unit that can be useful in the right lights, especially if you need the compressor, low-cut, and delay. But don’t expect the feedback eliminator to perform behringerr.

Did you find this review helpful? I have this thing for centuries, still works nickel. I do not think it is bfhringer, however, but the microphone gain setting is via the back button so the signal is probably transformed after.

For a mini size, you have everything: The feedback filter once started does not affect the sound, but it triggered the absolute horror impossible to obtain a correct result with an electroacoustic guitar.

The level at the rear is simple, with clip LED. For direct electric guitar I put into active di box with 15db pad-and button level remains at zero without clip. The level on the front is weird but fairly intuitive, note that here I do not know at all what I listen to the best result and I touch more!

The compressor is great, as we can adjust the intensity of the attack and the result is music always with electroacoustic, and direct electric Via di. Sahrk gate is the same, it is used to filter when not playing and not to arrange a fender The delay line, royal walls of guitars in this case I put the shark in the effects loop of the table and return on breaded slice in ahark to the original track. Time in milliseconds, so good.


All that is simple, the feedback filter I can not, but maybe not at all! In fact I have more problems with sound and feedback than without. Is not a bad quality, clean but not clinical. And like everything else it really works less well when I have to spend shark. Attention, I use it either with the law in electroacoustic comp-gate, and low for a monitor with only a microphone input either with an electric dibox law in force comp-gate, and line level preamp tube behriinger my ada.

Not tried it behringeg voice or anything, just for a screen test with a microphone audiotecnica pro37r acoustic guitar, violin and also the sound was good no gate or anything, and that the 48v preamp for the mic but the microphone is pretty good. Ben here, I do not even know why I bought it. The shark makes me great service, her love for AC power supply 2 leads come a long length available.

Behringer SHARK DSP – Signal Processor DSP B&H Photo Video

I put the seal door bottom, slip. It heats a lot when we play with cons, it changes other digital gadgets. Cons by anti larsen, fortunately I have no use because it does not work at all and plus the sound is rotten with the module started.

Okay, I like the widget very useful because it disrupts anything by mistake as opposed to a chain of pedals compressor-gate-preamp full of buttons on the back. If I had to lose Behriinger think I would buy one in view of its behribger and service.

Using a microphone is simple and the sound is correct provided you do not use all functions at once. I for 1 month. This is my first antilarsen except the equalizer Gehringer which can also tier at bp feedback. But this is not the same either.

Behringer Shark DSP Feedback Filter And Preamplifier | zZounds

I like its ergonomics and shzrk of use. It slips every time you touch a button. In its rack, there is one bbehringer bp. For me, turning to the right of the clip I digress. Turning left, I go back to flashing red light clip and I strongly deteriorates the quality of sound. If someone can tell me how to rule it mean I am willing to review.

Why not be put in the box. It would be bigger!! Ok but you still have the trainer and the authority behind it something more than a store for cafasse own.

For 75 Euro, it’s a real little Swiss Army knife to be used sparingly. Dj say everything is above I use it for collection’s outdoor sound systems in the “speech” or facilitators. This removes all the feedback and noise For speech, no worries Nickel Rack mounted by 5, I use them for some time now. I could not do without it, it all rglages dlicats quickly against the feedback.

Analog Preamp, everything has been said before, compressor, feedback suppression. Config general condition of having a simple notions of cuts.

Anti feedback filters of 12 frequencies a bit too much for my taste. Compression is natural but rather the anti feedback tends to sound too crushed or rather eat one of the sound spectrum. For six months, but with the experience I would choose a rather good anti-feedback and a compressor, and preamps separate and much better quality for only 20 X more.


C ca the great strength of behringer. For once in behringer, a product that offers the most part, the fact that good and no frills. Prampli, phantom Noise gate effective Time limit not usefulness Compressor limiter plutt actually, but it is quite musical 24 dB low cut much more enjoyable than the 6 dB switches that cut anything Anti-feedback, you know? You light, you touch anything. That’s all, and it works. No need for manual, the stuff is really well thought out.

I do not know, and I find this idegnialissime.

As I play the sax I bshringer but for a drummer can be Gnant. This is really pramp prcis and transparent, I do not understand what happens when they fuck with behringer pramplis of playschool on their consoles, and a pure prampli this shark is not supposed to be one??

A few blows with a high gain dynamic microphone beringer, but sound great with a static or a lectret. Awesome, nothing but the pramp justify the price of toy. Manir and any feedback destroyer is nothing less than your scne ing sound is one sucks.

It so happens that I also have a presonus lamp, and the comparison, she will feedback in 3 sec with 1kilo faade, you’ll get some friends, lol This is not a bote prampli is a Swiss Army knife, and does not require a Swiss Army knife to cut a Laguiole, you follow me? I ride rquilibrer Note 10 for advice pfffff Rcent purchase, for use in live pramplifier a saxophone before attacking guitar effects After months of research, shark silent simply the only product reasonably allow dwp110 to do a I forgot: Gnagnagna preamp Berhinger of shit as any preamp Bdhringer of which must This comprehensive manual says.

Finally, the preamp tables on big scenes are usually better than Infinima That one there so I not see the point of going to rot his sound upstream. I pushed the vice until a paste sm58 speaker on my back Well, the Shark has me completely deleted in 3 seconds, not that I have not had to touch the mixer!

In addition to the quality numrique bit, with inputs and outputs XLR and Jack, Mic with a super pre-amp and line. The config requires some manipulation before, because the record is not empty forcment understand, but once you took the hand is a breeze to activr and disable the automatic features make for rglages trs. The sound is Impeccable. I use it for several months, particularly as a suppressor of feedback, and I can not do without! The ratio quality price is excellent around I highly recommend it.

The edition of paramtres is more intuitive, quick and desire. The manual n’tait not in French, but bwhringer available on the site Berhinger for those who pose problem.

It is frankly clean. A small problem for me to have no more one, the signal processing numrique cre a delay of an inexorable 15aine MS. I had trouble understanding why I had no sound and impact DDouble. APRs have found the problem is corrected in a cubase or other