Batas Kasambahay (RA No. ). AN ACT INSTITUTING POLICIES FOR THE PROTECTION AND WELFARE OF DOMESTIC WORKERS. Visit the Official. Batas Kasambahay Law. 1. Republic Act No. S; 2. BACKGROUND 1. What is Republic Act No. ? 2. When was it signed into law?. It’s been over 3 years since Republic Act (R.A.) , knows as the “Domestic Workers Act” or the “Batas Kasambahay,” was enacted, yet.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. The greater number, unfortunately, are still unaware of their rights batae of the existence of local legislations protecting the rights of domestic workers.

To address some of the issues primarily with regard to the compensation of domestic workers, there were two 2 wage orders implemented in The rules on 13th month pay and Christmas Bonus are discussed in this book.

Implementation Strategy Upon the drafting of the contract, it should be clearly stipulated that kaaambahay worker shall be given at least twelve 12 hours of rest every twenty-four 24 hours and two 2 twenty-four 24 hour, consecutive or non-consecutive, weekly rest periods. The employer shall at all times provide the domestic worker with a copy of the pay slip containing the amount paid in cash every pay day, and indicating all deductions made, if any.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Recommendations Commission of any of the foregoing acts of the Batas Kasambahay shall be punishable with a fine of not kasambzhay than Ten Thousand Pesos Php10, There are other leave benefits discussed in this work like paternal, paternity and for women who are victims of violence.


Retrieved May 23,from International Labor Organization, website: Tasks shall include but not limited to: Question kqsambahay is there such thing as vacation leave in the Labor Code?

kasajbahay How to Design and formulate Company Code of Discipline is another guidebook for HR Practitioners to help them establish important aspects of organization. OverPinoys live in modern slavery — report. The employer shall not force, compel or oblige the domestic worker to purchase merchandise, commodities or other properties from the employer or from any other person, or otherwise make use of any store or services of such employer or any other person.

Villanueva provides a refreshing and analytical insight on the matter with a twist of Human Resource outlook.

Then comes the issue on leaves.

Batas Kasambahay

With this campaign, their concerns may be heard by different organizations, government agencies, and fellow domestic helpers as well. The book likewise provides Filipino excerpts on certain concepts for terms that are best expressed in our language.

Summation and Conclusion While it is exceptional that the country has been trying to come up with policies to ensure compliance with the international labor standards, it is still of no guarantee that the implemented laws are impeccable.

P1, a month for those btas in other municipalities. Provided, That in bstas of emergency, access to communication shall be granted even during work time. P2, a month for those employed in chartered cities and first class municipalities.

Assignment in another home Gatas revalidation and constant modifications should always be considered to warrant that the existing policies are at par with the current trends. What are additional prohibitions in relation to wages?

Fairness and effectiveness lasambahay the administrative penalties set for employers who fail to abide by the provisions of Batas Kasambahay. Waiving a particular rest day in return for an equivalent daily rate of pay.


The employer who is more cognizant of the changes can adapt effectively. How about 14th and 15th month pay, should the company pay them also?

This policy paper aims to tackle policy recommendations on some of the provisions of the Batas Kasambahay and to strengthen its implementation. In reality, these workers are often underpaid, overworked, deprived of bbatas rest periods, and are vulnerable to physical, mental and sexual abuse or restrictions on freedom of movement.

He mentioned that this may be suggestive of the Revisiting Republic Act No.

Based from their interview, one of them receives less than PhP 2, a month for rendering household work and as a nurse at the same time.

Scroll down for more information. In such cases, the domestic worker shall be paid the applicable minimum wage. This work will enlighten contractors, principals and all parties involved in contracting the rules, doctrines and principles behind job contracting.

Batas Kasambahay | Department of Labor and Employment 12

Skip to main content. Slaves were defined as kasmbahay who are subjected to forced labor, debt bondage, trafficking, sexual exploitation for money, and forced to marriage. The employer shall afford the domestic worker the opportunity to finish basic education and may allow access to alternative learning systems and, as far as practicable, higher education or technical and vocational training. Assignment to non-household work 9.