Egun: The Ifa Concept of Ancestor Reverence (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa) (Volume 3). Awo Falokun Fatunmbi. from: $ Awo Baba Falokun Fatunmbi is a white North American, who at the age of 38 visited Nigeria with the purpose of studying the Yoruba traditions Ifa Orisa. Ebora: Ifa and the Hero’s Journey: Volume 2 (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa). 9 June by Awo Fa’Lokun Fatunmbi.

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Lekan told me afterwards: December 22, at 4: He is obviously a man who after 15 plus books knows quite a bit about our religion, thus how can he have innocently been doling out ceremonies that he certainly knew he was not trained for let alone have current permissions for. That was my last post, over a month ago. He meant that he would show us how everything should be with Osain and the stones and other things we had. Now at some point, Mr. Even distrustful skeptics and people with a negative attitude became more sensitive.

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Nor it seems is there anyone who claims to have trained Mr. Yet unlike those who pay for and know their mail order diploma is a hoax, in the case of Mr. But I remember Baba and thank fatjnmbi every day in prayers and under the mats I use for praying, there is always one, which Baba sat on during those days in August, At first Baba showed us how to talokun Orin songs, how to read Oriks, how to foretell, how to cook Osain.


I am not against anyone receiving money for services. Furthermore, translating any ese or Yoruba phrase to English is not an exact science.

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It is impossible to describe in words the atmosphere, the spirit that reigned between us. Ifa and the Spirit of the Wind7 Flaokun Unlike Lucumi, Ode Remo and other zones of greater Yorubaland have a very established history and hierarchy, beginning with an Araba and various levels of Awo.

Therefore, the door swings both ways. I worked as a private investigator for Hal Lipset. Iwa Pele valokun means “good character”. Available for download now.

Salami does not have or share knowledge in his books, he does. Wilson’s clients, they assumed they were buying bona fide credentials or services. First we will fatumbi their books, then we’ll discuss the fireworks, investigations, cases, and judgments against them.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. In fact during my initiation procedure something happened to me about the aftermath of which he said with a healthy bit of self-mockery: There fakokun a general type of public figure which Awo Falokun may or may not be determined as as well as a “limited public figure”. He somehow continues to suck in the rich and if he does not offer a product, it seems to materialize, provided the price is right.


It’s acceptable to charge for healing in Santeria, but unethical to overcharge. Jaap Verduijn on Tue, 25th Jun The bullying in our community looks like this.

David Wilson AKA Falokun Katunmbi

In the course of my reading Awo Falokun’s warnings, I fatubmbi not see this important facet of the law mentioned by Awo Falokun. Baba Awo from that time are known commodities, who did not operate in the shadows. They become more difficult to prosecute based on venue, and the determination done case to case on whether the plaintiff s and defendant s are public figures.

However, all the rest is surely present. So Nikolas was the first to open the doors of the temple, where he had already been waited for.

Because this post has morphed into a discussion on the controversy of Ode Remo fqlokun Awo Falokun. In other words they aren’t a Babalawo in either the African, the Afro-Cuban, or any other branch of Ifa.