Latin Name: Atta sexdens. Trivialname: Leafcutterant. Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae Tribe: Attini. Keeping Level: (3) through their large Space- and. Atta sexdens, along with A. cephalotes, is the most widespread member of its genus. Its northern most range is Mexico, and extends through Central America. Atta sexdens: leafcutter ant: cubic feet), a colony of A. sexdens leafcutters may turn over kg ( pounds) of soil in tropical moist forests, stimulating.

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Male sperm storage also occurs, as sperm are retained in sexedns male epididymes in mammals for a period that can, in some cases, extend over several weeks or more, but here we use the term to refer only to sperm storage by females. United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Non-queen females cannot breed. The gardener-nurses also cut pieces of mycelium for the other castes to eat.

Other workers follow this trail sexdns the leaves. This page was last edited on 5 Attwat Opaciceps of robusta and the soldiers of different sexdens by the scalp and through the smaller entertainments. Mandibles, clypeus, scape and legs shiny. The queen then starts a fungal garden using the piece brought from her birth colony. Views Read View source View history. From this point, all four castes of ants may appear in the queen’s eggs.


Reddish brown to dark reddish brown stain.

Atta sexdens

Occipital spines just zieml. Thoracic spines pointed, shorter than the front mesonotal spines epinotal spines. Colonies of Atta sexdens are found scattered throughout forest floors and fields – anywhere with an appropriate climate and abundant foliage to harvest.

At first, the colony grows slowly, but after two to three years, the growth becomes faster. The results revealed that metapleural aexdens of A. Volsellen triangular, slightly sexeens inwards, tapering apically. ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, sesdens does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. Accessed December 31, at https: The purpose of these activities is to avoid infections, especially by swxdens fungi.

Nests of two Atta leafcutting ant species, Atta vollenweideri and Atta sexdens rubropilosaoccur in different soil types, alfisols and oxisols. In addition to leaves, flower petels are often used for the same purpose. The mated queen lands on the ground and tears off her now-unnecessary wings. Poulsen, ; Wirth, et al.

Not once, but multiple times do the runners go from harvest site to nest in this fashion. Prominent short hairs scattered on head, thorax and gaster more abundant. Thorax length 5, 4 mm. For websites, images must be clearly identified as coming from www.


Atta sexdens – AntWiki

At the end of the tunnel, she excavates a small chamber. Gaster width 3 mm, 5 mm hind tibiae. Sagittae with strong vertically erect chitinisierten sides, in profile triangular, upper margin bulged. A small piece of fungus is placed on this substrate. It is known that they are a species of the basidiomycete family Lepiotaceae.

This mechanism is usually used ahta recruit workers to a particular patch of good vegetation. However, a mature colony of several million workers faces very few dangers. Linnaeus[1]. In print, each image must include attribution to its photographer, the specimen code of the image, and “from www.

Usually, strength and victory depends on the number of defender-caste called soldiers ants that can arrive on the scene and attack the predator.

After suitable amounts of these workers have been born, the queen produces forager-excavators and within-nest specialists. Atta sexdensalong with A.

They also use secretions from their salivary glands and help form antibiotic -producing Streptomyces bacteria to keep their fungal gardens a strict monoculture.