Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Atlantis: la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y. Libros sin clasificar: Atlantis. la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote Atlantis Book Series (2 Books). From Book 1 ATLANTIS, LA CIUDAD PERDIDA (Spanish Edition) by Greg Donegan (). More Buying Choices – Paperback.

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This book has a great plot outline, and I ended up staying up really late to finish this one as, being a science fiction junkie, I kept hoping it would get better: A good thriller has to have interesting characters, a good threat and plot that doesn’t let up. This was an okay book. They range from incorrect spelling to grammatical errors, oddball punctuation, repeated words and phrases – the whole gamut of things a beta reader would find, much less an actual editor.

Pen name for Bob Mayer. Atlantis is the first book in Mayer’s popular Atlantis series. Bob’s style is to introduce sets of characters then follow them in parallel – often in different times of Earth’s history, going back to the mythical time of Atlantis. The second half devolved into a wtf storyline. But the errors in this book were so numerous, it’s mind-boggling to imagine there being a first draft in this state, much less a finished release. The different natures don’t seem to coalesce into a believable or unified front of “bad guys.

I mean, it is not an exaggeration to say that there was at least one typo usually several on every page.

I am curious about all the many loose ends in this book, but don’t want to slog through more of this author’s writing. In their defense, the books are done unlike a series I innocently started years ago and had t I thoroughly enjoyed the book and especially liked the bouncing between locales and personalities. Written under one of Bob Mayer’s two pen names: Dane, after all, is the only person known to have returned from that part of the country. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Gre cannot wait to read the other books in the series. Started very atlnatis, too bad it didn’t end that way. I will continue the series, but probably not until peedida future date. Bob Mayer can weave a tale that is fresh and compelling. Doherty’s military backgrou I read the Kindle version, and I hope the print perdiad was not as poorly edited. Story kept building with suspense until almost the last page which showed that the author wished the reader to know that he is certainly not done this novel and there will be more to come.

Atlantis – La Ciudad Perdida : Greg Donegan :

I think its a fun and cool series, and I look forward to reading part three. I am led to believe that the entire series will follow suit, which means I have some incredibly great “Reads” in my future!

So what the heck is going on here? I read the Kindle version, and I hope the print version was not as poorly edited.

Mixing the past with the present, science and psudo-science, anthropology, physics, navy submarine warfare, mythology, and mystics; the narrative is enough to keep one interested, and doesn’t take much effort.

Great read The problem is that it needs to be rewritten. But I have to mark it down because it also has plenty of typographical errors, a jumble of character viewpoints and confusing settings, and occasional cringe-inducing prose. Solid book if you are looking for a straight-forward, no perdisa and tricks, sci-fi adventure mixed with some real-world military action, and some corny one-liners.

Atlantis – La Ciudad Perdida

A thriller beyond your wildest dreams. He has slightly more depth of character–he loves his rescue dog partner, has a self-sacrificing sense of loyalty, and What do all of these have in common?


The characters have potential but they never quite get flushed out. He is the unifying character throughout the history-spanning plot line, and the driving force behind most of the novel.

Shortly thereafter, flight 19 also disappears with no trace. I won’t divulge any spoilers but I found the second half to be so uneven and unbelievable, I almost put this one down. I’d read the entire “Area 51” series and really enjoyed it. InTraining Flight 19 disappears in the Bermuda Triangle.

I liked the first perdjda in the series more, but this intrigued me enough to make me read at least one more in the series.

Atlantis Book Series:

It’s almost like the author is reciting events rather than trying to tell a story. I do wish the editors would be more diligent about proofing. Preview — Bermuda Triangle by Greg Donegan.

Trivia About Bermuda Triangle A great part two of an exciting doneagn imaginative series. Plenty of action as the various factions fight each other and counter a deadly threat to Earth itself.

In fact for the first time I have bought all the books in the series The plot is well thought out and, despite its basis in legend, believable. An occasional typo is one thing, but there are a couple of errors that really interrupt the flow of reading because you have to stop and figure out what the author intended to say.