ASTM-A › Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip), Assembled Steel Products. ASTM-A – EDITION – SUPERSEDED — See the following: ASTM-. in Specifications A and A This ASTM Standards A47/ A47M 1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A05 on. ASTM AAM Standard Specification for Zinc – Standard A and A shall be done using the metric equivalent of the test.

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These inclusions are raised surfaces and are easily knocked off FIG.

ASTM Standard List: Coated Steels :: Total Materia Article

This shall be achieved by an in-plant inspection program designed to maintain the coating thickness,? Current edition approved October 10, Dynamic Strain Aging of Steels: Our mission is simple; to make Total Materia atm one-stop place and first choice of engineers world wide.

The requirements for malleable iron castings to be galvanized shall be as stated in Speci? NOTE 4—The coating thickness grades in Table 1 represent the minimum value obtainable with a high level of con?

Total Materia remains the only tool which will be used for this purpose. The average of no less than?

ASTM A – Withdrawn Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Assembled Steel Products

The weight of coating per unit area thus determined is converted to equivalent coating thickness values according to Table 2 rounding up or down as appropriate. NOTE 3—The galvanizer may choose to add trace amounts of certain elements for example, aluminum, nickel, and tin to the zinc bath to help in the processing of certain reactive steels or to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the?

Where products consisting of various material thicknesses or categories are galvanized, the coating thickness grades for each thickness range and material category of material shall be as shown in Table 1. Except for local excess coating thickness which a38 interfere with the use of the product, or make it dangerous to handle edge tears or spikesrejection for nonuniform coating shall be made only for plainly visible excess coating not related to design factors such as holes, joints, ast special drainage problems see Note 6.


Introduction to Total Materia Integrator 7 th March Introduction to Total Materia 7 th February For more information on the ASTM designation system see our related article: For purposes of this speci?

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the awtm technical committee, which you may attend.

NOTE 7—Items sstm are prepared for galvanizing by abrasive cleaning will generally develop a thicker coating with a moderately rougher surface. To get started, a836 on the standard list button in the menu bar. The sample consists of one or more test articles. In the case of orders in SI units, such shall be stated to the galvanizer when the order is placed. In the case of any such article containing more than one material category or steel thickness range as delineated in Table 1, that article will contain more than one specimen see Fig.

Such inaccessible areas, for example, would be the internal surfaces of certain tanks, poles, pipes, tubes, and so forth. For magnetic thickness measurements, specimen excludes any area of the surface which is subject to processes such as? This new sample shall be measured using magnetic thickness gages which have been calibrated for accuracy against reference material thickness standards.

NOTE 9—Although some material may be formed after galvanizing, in general the zinc coating on the articles covered by this speci?


ASTM Standard List: Coated Steels

In the case of orders in inch-pound units, the measured value shall be converted to coating grade units by the use of Table 2. In this case, the minimum number of specimens from w386 lot shall be as follows: They do not address the matter of measured coating thickness variations that can be encountered because of different steels or different thicknesses of a given steel being used in an assembly.

Therefore, some articles may have a coating grade at or close to the minimum requirement shown in Table 1. Some higher-than-standard thicknesses may be impractical or unattainable.

Number of Pieces in Lot 3 or less 4 to to 1 1 to 3 3 to 10 10 and over Number of Specimens all 3 5 8 13 20 NOTE 10—Where a number of identical items are to be galvanized, a statistical sampling plan may be desired.

With Total Materia finding information about a metal standard specification, its current status and the aetm it defines is one click away. DataPLUS, z386 new module providing corrosion data, material joining information, material dimensions and tolerances and coatings information helps drive even more accurate material selections!

In a836 case of orders in SI units, all testing and inspection 1 This speci? The weight of coating per unit area thus determined is converted to equivalent coating thickness values in accordance with Table 2 rounding up or down as appropriate. The thickness of coating thus obtained is the test article coating thickness.

The accuracy of both methods will be in?