Aldert Vrij is Professor of Applied Social Psychology, University of Portsmouth ( UK). His main research interest is deception, resulting in almost publications. Aldert Vrij is Professor of Applied Social Psychology, University of Portsmouth ( UK). His main research interest is deception, resulting in almost. Aldert Vrij. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates , Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities by Aldert Vrij (

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Eliciting cues to deceit through an unanticipated spatial drawing task. Getting into the minds of pairs of liars and truth tellers: Discriminating vrj true and false intent among small cells of suspects.

Trabaja a partir de esa fecha en la Universidad de Portsmouth. International Review of Victimology, 1 3 Collective interviewing of suspects. Acta Psychologica, 1 A qualitative review of the first 37 studies.

Using the reverse order technique with non-native speakers or frij an interpreter: You cannot hide your telephone lies: The effect of face familiarity on eye fixations during deception. Behavioral correlates of deception in a simulated police interview.


Applying Psychology to Criminal Justice, pp. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 1, — The devil’s advocate approach as a lie detection aid.

Are you an author? Crashing memories and reality monitoring: The effect of informing liars about criteria-based content analysis on their ability to deceive CBCA-raters.

Aldert Vrij

Who killed my relative? Neuro-linguistic programming and the police: Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 1 1 SCAN is largely driven by 12 criteria: Law and Human Behavior, 36 1 The benefit of asking unanticipated questions.

Problems in expert deception detection and the risk of false confessions: Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 20 1 High to Low Avg.

Vrrij of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 11 2 Vrij, Granhag, Porter A cue to detecting deception. The Journal of Psychology, 4 The effects of confederate influence and confidence on the accuracy of crime judgements. Using sketch drawing to induce inconsistency in liars. Let me inform you how to tell a convincing story: Drop the small talk when establishing baseline behaviour in interviews.


dblp: Aldert Vrij

Get to Know Us. Thermal imaging as a lie detection tool at airports. The psychology of lying and vroj implications for professional practice. Cues to deception and ability to detect lies as a function of police interview styles.

An analysis of authentic high-stake liars. Truth bias, lie bias and individual differences. English Choose a language for shopping. Police officers’, social workers’, teachers’ and the general public’s beliefs about deception in children, adolescents and adults.

Aldert Vrij – Mentira Pedia

Journal of Social Issues, 65 3 The Journal of Psychology, 1 The existence of a black clothing stereotype: Blinking vrrij and after lying. Explaining conversation rules to children: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 11 1 People’s insight into their own behavior and speech content while lying.

Law and Human Behavior, 39 3 A comment on palmatier and rovner