This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Sportsman // X2 EFI Service Manual PN Polaris & Sportsman Service M [ ] Polaris EFI Polaris Sportsman EFI Service 24M [ ]. Sportsman EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Offroad Vehicle Polaris SPORTSMAN X2 Service Manual. atv (

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All information contained within this publication is based on the latest product information at the time of publication.

Due to 8000 improvements in the design and quality of production components, some minor discrepancies may result between the actual vehicle and the information presented in this publication. The machine model number must be used with any correspondence regarding warranty or service. This information can be found on the sticker applied to the top side of the crankcase A. To identify spoetsman series the key is, take the first two digits on the original key and refer to the chart to the right for the proper part number.

Use the following table as a guide: Special tools may be required while servicing this vehicle. Some of the tools listed or depicted are mandatory, while other tools maybe substituted with a similar tool, if available. Polaris recommends the use of Polaris Special Tools when servicing any Polaris product. Distance between center of crankshaft and center of driven clutch shaft.

Distance between chain link pins No. Polaris measures chain length in number of pitches. Change oil immediately and monitor level. If oil level begins to rise, discontinue use and determine cause. Inspection may reveal the need for replacement parts.

Always use genuine Polaris parts. Improperly performing the procedures marked with a could result in component failure and lead to serious injury or death. The symbols used are for quick reference in identifying Perform the following pre-ride inspection daily, and when servicing the vehicle at each scheduled maintenance.

Annually or hours of operation refer to Maintenance Schedule for additional information. More often under ownrs conditions operating in water or hauling heavy loads. Remove transmission drain plug to drain the oil. Discard used oil properly. Clean and reinstall the drain plug. Oil Fill Plug Install fill plug. Shift Mount inadequate bleed of the hydraulic circuit.

AW ISO 10 hydraulic fluid equivalent. Locate bleeder valves found on either side of differential Shifter and remove the protective caps. Throttle lever operation should be smooth and lever Slide boot off throttle cable adjuster and jam nut.

Install line locks on fuel lines and verify locks are seated. Gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive Start engine and inspect for leaks.

Add only Polaris ADC fluid when required. Clean with electrical contact cleaner or a glass bead spark plug cleaner only. Observe coolant levels often during the break-in period. Do not dilute with water. Verify sporfsman inner 8000 cap vent Cooling Hoses hole is clear and open.


It should adhere tightly to the cover and seal all the way around. Escaping steam and fluid can cause severe burns. Apply a small amount of general purpose NOTE: The sediment tube will require more frequent grease to the sealing edges of the filter before service if the vehicle is operated in wet conditions or reinstalling. If operating the ATV in or through water, be The twin engine is a wet-sump engine, meaning the oil is contained in the bottom of the crankcase. To check the oil level: Remove dipstick and fill sump with 2 quarts 1.

Place gear selector in park and set the parking brake.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

Due to the critical nature of the procedures outlined first, and then at front and rear. Manuwl to move the wheel in this chapter, Polaris recommends steering and hub by pushing inward and pulling outward.

If toe alignment is incorrect, measure the distance between vehicle center and each wheel. This will tell you which tie rod Set handlebars in a straight ahead position and secure needs adjusting. See Chapter 9 wheels. Steps 2 and 3. Tighten any loose fittings and replace any Sight Glass worn or damaged parts.

Download ATV Quad Complete Service Shop Repair Manuals PDF

If the rubber boot Free Play exhibits any of these symptoms, replace the boot. Refer to Chapter 7 for CV boot replacement, or have your Polaris dealer 1 inch spportsman greater replace the boot.

Check controls for proper operation, positioning and adjustment. Brake control maunal switch must be positioned to allow brake lever to travel throughout entire range without contacting switch ownerss. To open the front compartment turn the latch handle to the horizontal position on both sides.

To close the storage compartment turn the latch handles to the vertical position. IN pulls the cable into the winch and OUT feeds the cable out of the winch. This information is for Sportsman models equipped with a winch in the front.

Owner’s Manuals

The red wire connects to the battery. The winch wires can be located under the front cab area. Locate the wires, remove the cap and hook up to winch the Blue and Yellow 6 Ga. Polaris dealer for free replacement. Warm the engine and change the oil and filter.

Follow the Polaris does not recommend the use of a high pressure type car procedure in this chapter for proper oil change. If a high pressure system is Always place the transmission in park and lock the parking brake. Inspect all cables and lubricate with Polaris Cable Lubricant. Follow lubrication guidelines in the maintenance section of the Be sure the fuel cap, oil cap and seat are installed correctly. To maintain a X2 not applicable beautiful finish and prevent corrosion, periodic maintenance is required.


Oil Fill Tube C. Oil Filter Nipple G. Pushrods Circlip UP F. Bushing for Install G. See Chapter 4 for more information on the EFI system. The system must retain 10 psi for five minutes or longer. If pressure loss is evident within five minutes, check the radiator, hoses, Polaris Premium clamps and water pump seals for leakage.

Carefully remove the fuel rail B and injectors. Engine Installation Notes Engine Break-In Period The break-in period for a Polaris ATV engine is defined as the After the engine is installed in the frame, review this checklist first ten hours of operation, or the time it takes to use two full and perform all steps that apply: Pay close attention to areas where the cylinder sleeve meets the aluminum casting transfer port area.

Use electrical contact cleaner if necessary to clean these areas. Rinse thoroughly, dry with compressed air, and oil the bore immediately with Polaris Lubricant.

Engine at operating temperature. Mark or tag rocker arms in order of disassembly to keep them in order for reassembly. The following procedure is only for servicing the top end of the valve train when replacing valve springs or replacing valve seals. It is recommended to replace seals Carefully remove the cylinder components.

Place the whenever the cylinder head is disassembled. Hardened, cracked or worn valve seals will cause hydraulic lifters Cpushrods Dand rocker arms E in excessive oil consumption and carbon buildup. Remove all carbon from valves with a soft wire wheel or Measure valve stem in several places. Rotate the valve 90 degrees and measure Check valve face for runout, pitting, and burnt spots.

Valve Seat Reconditioning Install pilot into valve guide. Polaris recommends that the work be done by a local machine shop that specializes in this area. The cylinder head valve guides cannot be replaced. ENGINE Lubricate the valve guides with clean engine oil, and apply Valve seals should be installed after the valves are in the oil or water based lapping compound to the face of the head to avoid valve seal damage. Install new valve seals valve.

When all valves are installed, tap lightly with soft faced hammer on the end Remove the valve lifter’s by reaching into the crankcase of the valves to seat the split keepers.

Placing both thumbs as shown, spread the ring open and push up on the opposite side. Do not scratch the ring lands. Mark the piston with a white pen to ensure proper orientation if reused during assembly. Repeat procedure for second ring.